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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Jan 15, 2000 8:46 AM Flag

    CD Recorder

    the source of LIFE...without light, there can be
    no life....that is a fact ofnature....GE, and
    PHILIPS know this, GE is the MOST money making company in
    the world....they are only #2 in teh world of light,
    Philips is #1...between both of them, they light the
    world...without them, we will still be using fire in our
    caves...even Siemens knows this as their OSRAM #3 in
    the world....but of course they also don't make video there you have 3 of the worlds largest corp...and
    none of them do anything like PlayStation, yet they
    provide EVERYTHING needed for human Existence....medical,
    commercial,components for autos, consumer products, electrical power
    generation, heath care, financial, but they seem to think the
    world does not need PlayStation....analyze these 3
    giants, and you will see, they are correct! As the
    population ages, they ain't sitting around doing
    PlayStation, video games are as dead as the 80' lame is
    it, trying to get points by blowing up some Alien, or
    boxing some half witted character(based on real
    life?)...smelling tulips makes more sense...watching a windmill
    spin makes more sense...the Dutch were one of the
    original thinkers about harnassing WIND, to produce
    products...the original enviormental thinkers, wind doesn't
    pollute, they figured that out long long time ago...

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    • The sky is falling. Only those who make light
      bulbs or are of Dutch descent will survive. Everyone
      else is doomed. In order to save yourself, stop what
      you are doing and begin immediately to manufacture

      Remember, only lightbulbs matter. All of
      humanities resources should be redirected into this
      industry. After all GE and PHG make a lot of money
      manufacturing lightbulbs. Without them we would be playing
      Playstation by candle light. And then where would we be...?

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      • These companies manufacture everything necessary
        for human existence. Anything made by any other
        company is superfluous. No product made by any other
        company contributes in any way to the enhancement of

        PS don't look now but the sky is falling. Did you
        stock up on lightbulbs. GE is number one in lightbulbs
        and PHG is number two. Perhaps you should by their
        stock as well. What's that? You say lightbulbs are a
        commodity item that no one makes any real money on?! You
        say being number one is lightbulbs is like being
        number one in potatos or bananas?! Blasphemy!!! Go
        immediately and stick your finger in a leaky dyke. That'll
        teach you!

    • Flunky - light comes from the sun. It is without
      the sun that there can be no light. Please don't tell
      me that you are crediting GE and PHG with having
      invented the sun. On second thought, after reading your
      jingoistic posts on the Dutch, maybe you do believe that GE
      and PHG are responsible for the sun. I'll bet when
      you look up at the sun, you see the GE meatball.
      Hallucinogenics will do that to you. If you spent a bit more time
      having fun, you might start to make a bit more sense. Go
      out and buy a Playstation, have a Coke, go running in
      Nike shoes, go see a Disney production. See what all
      the hoopla is about. You might learn something, if
      you can manage to tear yourself away from playing
      with your lightbulbs.

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      • do you think Walt Disney came up with some of
        them characters...straight?...a freakin' mouse that
        talks, a retared dog....(GOOFY)....drugs must have
        played a part...same for Alice in you
        know why Mickey Mouse divorced Minnie?.....what mean
        "jingoistic"...if we relied only on the sun for light, things would
        stop, as they used to do, after the sun went
        down...that's why electric light was invented(Heinrich Goebel,
        not Tom Edison), so that factorys could keep going,
        life goes on after the sun goes down, because of
        GE/PHG/ you realize how life WOULD stop, without electric
        light? wouldn't have the free time to play with
        PlayStation...cus' what you couldn't do when the sun went down, you
        would continue the next day, life would be a mere
        struggle to survive, no leisure, no playstation, no Sony,
        since they are merely involved in leisure time
        products, while GE/PHG make products that support
        "existence" and leisure...they are diverse...

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