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  • scdem scdem Feb 28, 2000 7:34 PM Flag


    Your ass usually only comes around when SNE is
    down with some stupid comment about how bad SNE is.
    Why do you have so much hate for SNE and SNE
    investors. Could it be because we SNE investors have made so
    much!! You know what you need to do? You need to find a
    "happy place" like Happy Gilmore and stop all this anger
    and hatred!! I really think you need to do something
    cause sane and reasonable people don't go to a stock
    message boards to curse that stock out all the time just
    because it is outperforming their own stock!! Anyhow,
    good luck to you my friend!

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    • Looks like the web page for Pc stuff ain't coming
      up so good...this is a typical PHG screwup...they
      had something going, then they make it continuity...gotta go in through the or

    • Checkout the Philips USB stuff....USB is yet another product to come
      out of Philips research...Sony does have that
      PlayStation though...wam,blast,pow...I got 56 points WOW! But
      Sony Columbia House has been running some good sales
      on CD's, so that ain't so bad..they do somethings

    • yourself all the typing.

      Blah Blah PHG, blah blah blah SNE is
      inferior.....blah, blah, blah, blah, PHG invented the world, not
      SNE, blah, blah, blah....I am lost on wrong board.
      Blah blah, blah, etc. Same old crap, blah, blah,


    • You posted PHG info ....this is SNE board.

      What's up with you?? I like PHG too, but I don't post my
      thoughts on it on the Exxon board !!!???
      Say, what do
      you recommend on digital camer w/ USB port sinc you
      are already OFF TOPIC here?
      SNE....this IS the SNE board, isn't it?????

    • I've been away for a couple days. I see good signals stiull to BUY SNE though, on the following site.


    • Anybody use infra red remotes?...RC-5
      standard...developed by Philips, they invented teh infra red
      remote....Comb filter in tv's for a better image,
      Philips....Invar mask crt technology, the most widely used crt Fluoresceant lamps..Philips, sodium lamps, (LPS
      SOX) philips 1932, still the most efficient source of color fluorescent phosphor for mercury lamps...ALTO...unlike the GE type that
      need an additive to react and nutrilize the mercury
      levels, ALTO uses no additives...CCD technology..Bell
      Labs and Philips....first recordable CD players for a
      reasonable price for the consumer..random access electronic
      tuning on tv's...all Philips
      developments...notasony....when is Sony ever gonna invent of develop something,
      rather than take other ideas and advertise them as
      their's....EVEN the Jewelbox that the CD's come in...a Philips idea machine called Philips....Sony is trying to
      sell the world a PlayStation...gots to kill me some
      Aliens, zap,pow, is amazing sure will make everybody's life that much
      better...OH..that single gun CRT called Trintron...Philips
      developed single gun crt's...didn't push the marketing like
      they should have...Sony ran with it, didn't develop it

    • Whatusay? I don't get it.

    • yeb i have all3 of them excuse me for saying
      that. why not waste more time to reply to your
      ``sony is an media company``: media in what sence,media
      like timeawarner-aol, seagram, bertlsmann ,bgm, etc
      all them big compagnies make real good bucks with the
      media shit.

      sony lozes money for more than 6
      years in this divison, it is only used to promote their
      simple consumer goods (more like an propaganda
      channel-arm).wasnt` sony gooing to sell their entertaintment division
      to bmg or something?

      and idf sone is an
      entertainment comapgny isn`t a p/e ratio of 120 a bit to high.
      the average is 30-40 in this industry.. prepare to
      looze some shit.

      philips still has a p/e ration
      :of 24.. so tripe your shit this year. but earings
      will dubbel so tripe x dubbel= six time my

      i think i will retier at 27. and by myself a

    • Excuse me for my ignorance but I don't get what
      you are saying.

      I simply replied to that
      ignoramous FAFART on his question regarding Beta Max. I
      concede the consumer battle of VHS format. I simply
      pointed out the superior technoly was embraced by the
      broadcast media. Lets face it. Sony is a media company,
      Philips is not. Two entirely different companies that the
      fart is trying to compare.

      Compare This!

    • the next question you should ask :
      why is it
      betamax was the standard?
      because vcc-philips system
      was a more superior system, the tapes would be
      useabel 2 sides. the vcr system was more expensieve , but
      most of all the tapes where the most expenisive
      10 h of recording on 1 tape.logplay ,isn`t that
      efficient to use when only 1 movie 1.5-2 hours of recording
      is beeing used....yes one of those famous marketing
      failures of philips.

      but then again many standards
      did succeed: shoot i repeat them..

      this are
      the standards their consumer
      music casset
      compact disk (cd-rom-photo-music)
      mpeg encoding
      ---etc: gsm standard(europe
      fafa will help complete the list

      and it ain`t
      no doopey patents sony makes like an more efficiant
      way to turn on a televisiontubebrizholder or someting
      like that.

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