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  • lovlee_1999 lovlee_1999 Mar 5, 2000 10:43 AM Flag

    FAFA 2

    They'd have to be giving away some free movie tickets as well to get me out there!

    • Yeah! They were camping out in front of the
      stores waiting for open. Quite the rage - never in my
      wildest dreams did I think I'd make the money I'm making
      from SNE stock. This thing is acting like a new
      biotech company that just came across the cure of aids.

    • SNE PlayStation 2 hit stores in Japan stores sold out within an hour of opening.

    • We all do extrodinary things on these message
      boards and I am no exception. I have a satanist
      bothering me in fact, but I take him with a grain of salt.
      I try to stay non-bias as posssible but is
      sometimes unpreventable. I am good at investments and God
      has blessed me here - some I find on my own and some
      through other investor's opinions. Good luck to you on
      your investments and don't let the other opinions
      regardless of how strong bother you - it is all in fun! God

    • I am much closer to 40 than you might think. If
      my post to FaFa was childish and imbecilic, it was
      only to match FaFa's state-of-mind; some people you
      cannot reason with--he is one, if in fact he is for
      real. You cannot use college debating tactics to deal
      with a schizophrenic homeless person: a bullhorn and a
      syringe of Thorazine are far more effective. What PHG has
      to do with SNE, especially on the Playstation side,
      is beyond me. (OK, Lovlee, I will tell you a deep
      secret--don't tell--from 1994-96, as an investment manager for
      umm, can't say, I purchased BOTH PHG from $60-$90 and
      SNE in the same range.) I have no interest in your
      daughter (she is of another, better generation) or a
      romantic relationship with you (as you are
      married--rats!). Your pointed posts, while critical of me, are
      literate, and that is an attraction stronger than the sun.
      Good luck to you on SNE, and again, out of simple
      respect for you, I will not vulgarly mock FaFa on here.
      In my opinion, you lower yourself a notch by
      defending him; I lowered myself several to attack him.
      Goodnight, DG2

    • I am from a different generation - we can agree
      to disagree but still hold respect you see. I
      respect the man but don't always agree with him. He's
      very anti-Sony and I will not argue that, but that his
      his perogative - on the good side, he has helped me
      tremendously with his knowledge of electronics, speakers, etc.
      and I appreciate his input here. I am the kinda of
      person that I can beg to differ with you sir, but don't
      have to be antagonistic in doing so - is that so bad?
      He loves PHG and that is for sure, not quite sure
      why he hates Sony - I hold both stocks and both are
      quite lucrative - now, I don't play those stupid games
      either, but my 17 year old son loves them - I would
      rather spend time researching and analyzing good stock
      picks - but, hey, that is just me - I'm different than
      most people and I know that, and hope others respect
      that. I don't even play that stupid solitaire crap that
      windows has. I think a waste of time - somewhat like
      Fafa's logic I guess - he is stubborn old dutchman I
      think, but he is a good man, just a little verbal - it
      makes the board fun - I respect all people and unless
      they are vulgar I like them - Fafa is not vulgar just
      adament in what he beleives in, and, therefore, he does
      not offend me - some others with their vulgar
      postings, I do find offensive - sorry, but that is how I
      feel -I tease Fafa from time to time, but I do respect
      the man, that doesn't mean I agree 100% with him, but
      I am an old time Virginian lady and that is the way
      I was taught. Good luck and good trading next week.

    • is as dumb as standing in line for a concert or
      to see some singer.....people camped out over nite
      to get a book signed by Howard Stern, they are as
      dopey in Japan as anywhere come the nitwits
      don't just order it and have it shipped...on the
      INTERNET!!!!PS2=piece s**t does nothing!....If you ever
      need a hospital see if they have Sony imaging
      diagnostic stuff....NOPE...but they will have
      GE,Philips,Siemens....they won't have any PS2 in the place either...

      • 3 Replies to FAFAFLUNKY99
      • Nah! Trust me, the good old USA has the record #
        of nitwits! Trust me here! I believe we hold that
        honor hands down. I was at Best Buy earlier and looked
        at the big screens, both Sony and Philips. Also,
        they had some Toshiba ones. That 61" Philips had a
        very nice picture I must admit so did the 50". They
        had no Moranz or Legacy speakers - only Toshiba,
        Sony, Bose, etc. more lower end stuff. Starting to shop
        the market. Good luck next week! I never would camp
        out for anything period. I won't even stand in line
        to wait at a restaurant more than 15-20 minutes. It
        amazes me what people will do though.

      • This is your father speaking. STOP MASTURBATING!
        THOSE VIDEO GAMES AND NOW IT IS THIS. You listen to me
        you snot-nosed cross-eyed should-have-been-aborted
        brat. I work all day long at the Phillips Factory so I
        can buy you underwear which you soil like your
        simpering grandmother's diapers. You pick your ass, you pee
        in the sink, you wipe boogers on the shower wall.
        What is the matter with you you goddamn luckless
        loser! You are the green phlegm I spit into your
        mother's coffee. Get off your ass. Look at this catalog
        Mr. Smith left in the garage today. See what real men
        do. (GET YOUR HAND OUTTA YOUR PANTS) All these great
        things the company is making. All that it is doing for
        people--for you, you nasty stinking bug-eyed monster! Get off
        the computer, damn it--you make me sick, you and your
        palsied mother and dimwitted slant-eyed sister. I could
        have been something without you plague-ridden rats
        sucking my blood...take this, what? how dare
        give me that goddamn bottle before I

      • the stock of Electronics Boutique (ELBO). They
        are a dominant platform and game seller in the US.

        Just to give you an idea about how this could affect
        SNE, last year ELBO's stock soared 60%, from $15 to
        $25, in the months leading up to the Dreamcast launch.
        And PS2 will absolutely blow that one

        The publicity -- which is massive due to the Sony
        marketing machine -- is starting a lot earlier with PS2
        than it did for Dreamcast -- so the upward move should
        also start a lot earlier with PS2. It's already an
        international phenomenon.

        By the way, I'm an ELBO holder
        who dropped by this board looking for information on
        the PS2, and sure enough, there's plenty of it here.
        Thanks for all the info and links.

        ELBO is like
        SNE at 40% off, with a p/e of 12. ELBO dropped off
        dramatically after the holday sales were over. The catch-up
        should be dramatic. Here are SNE's and ELBO's

        Good luck, guys.

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