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  • jontaylor38 jontaylor38 Mar 7, 2000 12:08 PM Flag

    SNE headline news

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    • Venusians are a protected alien...we are special....Even on Venus, PS2 is useless...why would we want to blow up aliens, most are our family members.

    • I miss are's the Bill
      of Wrights...wasn't that the bill given to the
      Wright brothers for all the parts they used to build the
      first plane...again, another thing Sony didn't do. You
      have to EARN the right to be a citizen?....what if one
      is just born into it?....Like being born rich,I've
      been trying to get back where I came from , my space
      ship needs fuel.....if Japan had their way about 60
      years ago, all that would have been,liberty,pursuit of happiness....raw fish would be the dish of the
      nation...remember, the DUTCH, STARTED it all (New Amsterdam)..Japan
      wanted to take it away...Mitsubishi Motors is gonna
      disappear next, Daimler is eyeing it...another failing
      Japanese auto company....Germany also has the world's
      largest bank, gonna get bigger...and to think with
      creative bookeeping Mitsubishi Bank was callled the
      biggest, all fake...just like PS2...the claims for it are
      all BS. What do you do with it?

    • What rock did you just crawl out from

      Try spell checking next time.

      You miss the
      entire point yourself. $$$$$$ is what it is all about.
      Not shameless bigotry b.s. from some illegal alien.

    • fafaflunky vs

      fafaflunky:it`s not only sony witch uses philips

      jake_schmitz:??you don`t get fafaflunkys point , have no sence of
      history and have no idea what it means to be an american.

    • >>all things are give to you by YOR

      Now I know that you are a fascist non-intellect. You
      have tried to quote from the Constitution of the
      United States of American but in reality the quote is
      from the Declaration of Independence. It goes like

      "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all
      men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
      Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these
      are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of

      Go back to where you came haven't earned
      the right to be an American citizen.

    • all things are give to you by YOR CREATOR!!! In
      electronics and new ideas....the CREATOR is.......... P H I L
      I P S........then Sony see and believes in the
      CREATOR...since they then use a Philips idea and idolize the
      creator by imitating it....when Sony gets an original
      thought, you know it is the end of the world!!! Time to
      build the market ARK...cus' the flood waters are gonna
      swap Sony....take two of every Philips invention with
      you...which is basically every consumer electronics product
      made....and even lighting for the will be able to
      power it by cell
      technology....backed by GE of course....again...Sony ain't into
      anything of the there a PS2 MK II on the
      drawing boards?

    • Just to set the record straight......I do not usually state my holdings unless asked. However, let it be know that I have been in PHG for over two years.

      I am no dummy........notafafart!

    • <EOM>

    • Thanks for an excellent post. I've seen this same
      price fluctation in QCOM in the past and with some
      others, and the good stocks always return only a
      temporary glitch. Those temporary glitches can sure make
      one nervous however. This is a buying opportunity and
      I suspect the buyers will be lining up shortly. I'm
      holding on for the long haul. This is one of the
      strongest most consistent stocks I own and I can no agree
      with you more regarding their move to broadband and
      their internet presence which is also why I purchased
      PHG. Thanks again.

    • Sony has succesfully sold close enough to ONE
      Million sets of Play Station 2 in japan within 2 days.

      About 15 years ago, Sony's Beta technology lost in the
      field of Video Cassette Recorder against VHS in the
      world market...At the executive committee, Mr.Morita
      stated, `I made this mistake, but beta is a very nice
      product. Everyone had done a really good job. I am the one
      who is responsible for all of this ....I want to say
      everyone of you who gathered here and worked on this
      project, `Thank you, Thank you. Thank you very
      and then he bowed deeply...

      Since then Sony
      didn't make class-A video cassette recorder. For the
      past several years, the price range of Sony's VHS
      video is about $185-$285 in Japan.

      Play Station 2 can play DVD that will take the place
      of VHS video within few years. The price is way more
      than reasonable according to its ability, quality and
      functions. Sony is ready to overcome any other companies and
      recording divices..

      Here is the news from

      of course, they make VHS videos but they've only
      made A-Class models...

      The new product Play
      Station2 has the function of DVD that will take the place
      of VHS video cassette within few years.

      • 2 Replies to nishu_2
      • the spin off of HPW...has introduced PHOTON to
        PHOTON technology, they just obsoleted
        ELECTRONS!!!! makes thing faster and faster....soon the PHOTON
        COMPUTER is coming!!!!!Packets of light energy,'s notasony.....I don't think anybody at SONY knows
        what photons are....the creative will win, the
        copycats will face away...did somebody say recall? On
        PS2....PS2 stands for PIECE of SH*T squared. Man are
        consumers stupid!!!!!!!

      • Sony has a bunch of devective crap out on the
        market....PS2 is junk.....what does bowing deeply have to do
        with making JUNK?....give the customers stuff that
        works, not a bow and keep their money...what a
        hoax!!!Sony VHS decks are some of the most unreliable on teh
        market JUNK! is the tv's...see Consumer Reprots
        issue on tv's...PHILIPS and Panasonic are the
        best!!!Even Goldstar are better...the Sony hype machine is
        it's biggest many defects, more
        useless JUNK.....PHILIPS jsut intorduced a new chip for
        digital cameras...CCD is gonna be replaced by is
        smaller uses less power....PHILIPS is also the worlds
        supplier of CCD modules....they have improved
        themselves....SNE doesn't invent ANYTHING.....thank you, thank you,
        thank you very much....HE STOLE THAT FROM ELVIS!!!!!
        Everything they do is somebody elses'.....

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