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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 May 5, 2000 4:12 PM Flag

    Digital Cameras...more no profit!!

    Digital cameras are a hot item, too bad they
    don't make any PROFIT.....Sony has a large share of
    this loosing crap...they should get 100% mkt share of
    a product of which they can't make money.....What
    kind of nitwits run this company? So far PS2 looses
    many, Digital cameras loose money, pretty soon they
    will have the captive market of money loosing
    products...they ain't making any money on the over priced under
    rated tv's....what a long does a company
    survive without profits.....OH, I doesn't
    matter, it's SONY that's all that matters, people know
    the name.....they are the best....keep dreaming..GE
    and PHG realized a long time ago.....1 or 2 in the
    products, MAKE PROFIT or make it so, or dump it..Sony gets
    market share of unprofitable junk....Lightbulbs matter,
    and both GE and PHG make lots of profit from
    them..along with all the other divisions...everything SNE
    sells looses money....this is a well run company...not!
    But all the consumers know the name...people don't
    want that Philips stuff, yeah right....selling 30
    MILLION CRTs in a year, cus' nobody wants the
    this looks like a real
    winner....NOT.....Even their Columbia House CD seller is LOOSING
    MONEY...20 years SNE is is gonna start getting
    broken up, big sell off of the divisions.....they need
    all the bailout they can find.

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