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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Jul 1, 2001 1:56 PM Flag


    Actually, in 1932, PHILIPs, teh world's largest lighitng manufacturer, introduced teh Low Pressure Sodium Lamp, which is STILL, the world's most energy efficient source of electric light. With about 200 Lumens /Watt. It led to the devlopment in the 60's by GE of the High Pressure Sodium lamp. With it's increased vapour pressure, the color shifted up to the cooler temps. But losing efficacy, but contains color rendertion a bit better than teh monochromatic LPS lamp. Sony is not involved in any of this science of inovation. Sony does make a video game though. Philips also invented the cfl Compact fluroscent lamp, which is a direct replacement for inefficent incandescent lamps.Philips has over 60,000 patents and license items to it's long history(1891) of inovation and creation. Sony was started in the mid 50's because of the efforts of European and U.S. companies. Without whom many Japanese companies would not exist. So thank companies like Philips, GE, Siemens. Companies that started it ALL.

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    • In case you didn't read this ont the PHG it is again:

      This guy (Fafashit) is an instant celebrity due to his dumb ass, unitligent comments.

      Hey, you win the dumbshit of the century award.

      Who gives a shit about toothbrushes or lighting. If I cared, I would be in G.E., not PGH). I would want the top of the line not low end crap that the Dutch make. If I want something from the Dutch I will buy chocolate. That is the only thing they make that is worth anything.

      Mark my words, if Sony sold toothbrushes or lighting products you can bet the farm that they would put Philips out of business just like they did with home audio, T.V., mobile audio, etc. in the U.S, Asia and South America. It is a fact�.Philips is not a factor in those markets.

      Nobody, repeat, nobody wants that shit that Philips has to offer. They are not a factor either here in the U.S. or in Asia and South America and the stupid Europeans don't know what audio/visual is anyway. Besides, Europeans haven't any money because their socialists governments take it all so they are forced to buy low end crap like Philips. Yes you heard me....low end�..CRAP! You know what crap means don�t you?��������.. SHIT! And don�t give me that Consumer reports bullshit either. It is meaningless. What matters is sales. Sales equal profits and profits equal good investment and that is why we are here. Nobody cares who invented what�.doesn�t matter�.SALES�.can you sale �sales�? No, I didn�t think so. Stupid European trash that you are.

      Go back to the third Reich and make people listen. That is the only way you are going to get your message across. By the way�what is your point anyway? Don�t matter, you are stupid, ignorant and a dumbshit and anyone with half a brain won�t take you seriously anyway.

      You must go through life with a smile on your face because you are too stupid to realize that all the laughing going on around you is at you.

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      • drxxlxxl,

        You are wasting your breath....Fafart will come back with some off the wall response like check out consumer reports or Philips invented the automatic fart absorber...but Philips don't make is notasony.

        This guy doesn't have an original idea on anything. He is obsessed with the notion that Philips should rule the world and always ignores the investment information.

        Yeah, Sony makes games.....and DVDs, and stereos, and broadcast equipment, and cameras, and SRAM chips used exclusively by Sun and IBM, and all kinds of monitors, and a 40" picture tube HDTV, and they even have a chemical division and make TV shows and movies......but they don't make light bulbs. Guess I should buy G.E.

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