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  • supermarketinvestor supermarketinvestor Sep 25, 2002 10:23 AM Flag

    Penny Stock

    You will be right I'm afraid. If the government would do more than talk about home land defense and start spending it would help the whole industry.
    It seem as if they just want to stand on their soap box and complain about how inefficient the various agencies are. The tools and technology to bring the information together and make the government efficient are here today.
    What interest do the political parties have in not utilizing it to make your tax dollars more productive.
    The reason I believe is that there is too much graft and corruption in the present system that the are afraid they will be caught.
    Speak out to you local representative and maybe this industry will be saved before everyone in it goes chapter 7.
    It would only take the cost of a couple of jets fighters to get this segment of the market moving again, and possibly the rescue of your investment.