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  • stocks_overvalued stocks_overvalued Jun 10, 2003 7:24 PM Flag

    The economy is not fixed yet!


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    • Not only is it not fixed but we are about to enter a dangerous time. Inflation will without an accompanying market rise will make our investment and retirement accounts vaporize. This at time when aging baby boomers are desperately in need of funds. The bet the farm and corporate greed of the current administration could very easily push the world into a depression if things do not go the way they are trying to steer it. As we all know the economy very seldom goes the way you want it with out competent leadership. We had Paul O'Neil who lacked leadership, the fool we have now has changed his positions 180 degrees so how can we assume he is going to be able to lead?

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      • From what I have read and experienced personally, likely that the US and World economy still heading down for the next several years till debt and capacity have been eliminated. However the US government's debt will eventually lead to inflation but before this happens there should be a period of decreased demand for products, housing, and energy which would be deflation.

        As I see it now, the past few years of interest rate drop have helped auto sales till recently as auto sales are starting to slow. What are the odds that this will happen to real estate? Rather good is my perspective.