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  • jifanusa jifanusa Dec 24, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    XRMWQ expiration date?

    Does anyone knows when XRMWQ expires?

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    • May 2014. I think it's 5/20 but I don't have my spreadsheet that includes that info handy. It's 4 years from the effective date of the Ch11. Strike is 19.55. Two earnings releases before expiry.

      Early February is the annual earnings release. I notice MMs have the Feb20 Calls priced at 30 cents - same as the warrants have been trading. Anyone buying the 20 calls with a thought to exercising should be take that 45 cent discount on the warrants.

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      • Good to see you are still around, fiberbull. (Misery loves company.)

        jifanusa, I bought way too many warrants early and didn't pull the trigger. Based on the annual filings, very few got exercised while they were in the money. My initial 'concerns' about Harold Bevis (you guys know I was a HUGE Stephen Light fan) got me mentally prepared to lose everything on the one's I bought. Looking increasingly like they might pay off after all.

        Float is so small - just over 7M shares. With institutional money getting in, the warrants should remain in high demand up here in the high teens.

        Sold a few shares today. Probably wouldn't have on any date other than 12/31 but it really looked like an opportunity. A friend pointed out that Feb earnings call will be more than 30 days after today. So some may be selling now in anticipation of getting back in after the wash sale limit passes.

      • oh, I forgot about these warrants. I bet the stock goes above the exercise before expiration, should have bought more warrants this year. Oh well, will have to bask in the common.

      • Thanks for your useful information. I still hold these warrants from its initiation. I should have sold it when XRM reached $25 last time.

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