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  • pimpinseasy99 pimpinseasy99 Apr 23, 2014 11:50 AM Flag

    Why is everyone here so dumb?

    I sold at .0115 and told you guys it was going down, everyone told me I was a idiot and wrong. It sure looks like I made a good decision. Idk why you guys drank the koolaid when they said there no longer with valley organics that was the end of latf that's why this is crashing. Latf has lost 2 mj company's now. What do you guys think is going to happen to there third lol good luck. To bad no one listened to me then.

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    • Really? Hmm. First of all anyone who claims to have sold at the high or bought at the low probably didn't. Next I don't really think you know much about this company. Acquisitions of companies to grow and distribute, bringing on doctors and scientists, increasing clientele, on and on and on. You need to do more research my friend. Not to mention your rant is way off base considering what has been going on. You sir are delusional.

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      • Is that a joke? I first bought in at the beginning of February at .0051 and sold that guy at .0134 and I flipped it a few times and I sold my last position at .0115 for a 70k profit so yeah go check my history dawg I've been here for awhile. Okay they have some new business, there last two failed. What did latf give up for there new company shares, money who knows management doesn't tell us anything. Yeah why don't you go look at what the market thinks about this joke of a stock and I'm the delusional one lol your going to lose your pants with this one. Just keep holding it man

    • Sure rub it in......I sold too. Put the funds in fitx even though I lost money I made it all back. It's going to explode!!!

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