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  • blancodeeoblow blancodeeoblow Apr 22, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Dirks and Schanks slicing 'n dicing...

    These guys will slice away whatever they need to maintain the illusion that there will be some big upside in the stock.

    as long as it takes - so they continue to draw their salaries.

    Hard to believe there will be a deal with Joint Oil, and they'll slice away SOQ's share to maintain the illusion.

    same thing happened with different managers in T&T,

    and Greg Noval worked the gig in Nova Scrotia with hype alone.

    hard stock to trade, seems like just yesterday they were pumping their potential shale acreage for eventual E&P, then they sold it to make some money to support the financial situation. Made some money, though if they didn't have enough interest to do more than the measly 3 wells, they should have informed investors.

    and their names are even slicing implements - a dirk is a dagger,

    and a schank is a prison weapon made out of a spoon...

    they will do just fine, just fine.




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    • alr Apr 22, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

      I think the general stockholders have now lost confidence in the entire management team once t his happebns it is difficult for a stock to turn around--even with good news. I have no idea what the larger holders are or will do in the future. there is little need to sell at this point because the assests of the co will hold close to the current price.

      Sentiment: Hold