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  • bobfai bobfai Jan 7, 2004 11:41 PM Flag

    OT Watched the program on Discovery

    Times "Why Me" if you have not watched it it is worth while. It has a decided Liberal Bias because the New York Times is the editor and producer but it is good food for thought It more or less shows that the whole Arab world has been conditioned to hate America for the last 20 years or more and the central problem is the Jewish State and the PLO plus the presence of USA in the Mid East----my question to the board is ----what if we ask the Arab States to buy the Isralies out and we relocated them in USA. Canada, South America,Australia and Spain---then we could give the land to the PLO that they want and the relocated Jews could buy what they wanted in their new location. I am sure they would prosper in their new location. Who knows what the PLO would do with the desert they would take over but at least it would be theirs and we would not have the constant conflict. Then if there was aterror problem we could deal directly wit the nations that had ownership with out dealing with the excuse of the Jews have our land (the world gave it to them after the second world war ---might have been a mistake)---seems to me we need to get this fixed before we can hold the Arabs accountable for their actions---incase you are worried about where do we get oil---they have to worry about who will buy it so it will work out. This program (why Me )will cause you to think---it shows that the Muslims hate America (even the ones that are suppose to be our friends)---need to dilute some because the NY Times is producing .

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    • what a blast. LMAO. talk about lowering employee expenses. just pay them bananas.

      don't tell Uncle Tom bout any of this. can you just imagine the food fights in the TI cafeteria ?

    • SCATERMORE,evolution stop at the
      + + + CRAMATION FURNACE + + + .

    • SCATTERMORE,I believe,SUDAY for HOMILY was yerteday?today is the MARKET".

    • i knew that. you harp on the obvious.

      it was a figure of speech. but you didn't seem to comprehend it.

    • now it is you forcing the issue to push flawed data into a niche of your own choosing using the excuse of human nature to justify lack of fossil evidence of failed intermediate species. take the fact of the skull bone of a african fossil touted to be half ape half early man. total fakery it was the knee-cap of an elephant. oh boy how about the fossil of the piltdown man. fake. how about the Cardiff fossil of the early human man ? fakery. there has been a concerted attempt to erase all these fakes from the common knowledge data base to preserve the "integrity" of the science of evolution, read theory.

      what is human nature is to try to force fossil scraps into the assumed evolutionary record that doesn't really exist. if the theory were correct then there would be more fossil evidence of intermediate evolution attempts than there are of suvivors or primitive fossil examples combined.

      that evidence isnt there. doesn't exist. only scraps and shards of wanabees and wish-it-was pieces of bones that ignite imaginations but not much else. speculation is not science.

      neither is religion science either. never was. was never meant to be.

    • you are right about Jewish Traditions how to determine who is Jewish. that is true. it is also true that scripture determines who is a Hebrew(jewish) through the man(husband). my point is that Jews today determine who is Jewish through the mother while their scriptures set the example for them to use the father. that is twisting scripture 180 degrees. Understand that i know the Jews don't care what i think but they evidently don't care to count Jewishness the way their God showed them how to either. through the husband.
      Christians do not need the land or the Temple Mount as the Jews do. the Temple mount is not the focus of worship for the Cristian. it is for the Jews. when Judea was founded their vow was (i paraphrase) we are home,we will never leave again, here we fight, here we die.

      you see - we agree on much more than you seem to think we do. i feel either i have not been making my points clean and clear enough, or you have skimmed over them not absorbing what i was trying to say.

    • hey scatter, i've read all about them other hosts. i just don't like their attitudes that's all.

    • player we all have moments when we slip a little. what makes us human.

      stay-away from them olives ---- i heer they stunts yuer groth patterns man.

    • goat, you are not going to be disappointed. You will hold your faith until death. Then, either you will be rewarded with your hoped for eternal life in Jesus, or you'll be dead. In either case, you won't be disappointed.

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