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  • CV501 CV501 Jan 2, 2006 6:10 PM Flag

    Hello, Hello Al-Queda

    is that you again?

    My daddy Bush said he wants to know if you will call again.

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    • He is doing the best job he can, that's the problem!

    • Should we "support the current administration" the way Republicans "supported" the Clinton administration?

    • I do support our country and our troops but do not approve of this administrations policies and freely express myself...this is what separates our country from N.Korea and Cuba--at least it used to.

    • You will have your opportunity to vote for a new President in 2008.

      In the meantime, kindly support your country, the current administration and our troops.

      It's the right thing to do.

      By the way did you know Canada has a 4 party system, Liberal, Conservative, National Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois. The current Liberal government had a minority government and has had a vote of non confidence. Elections are January 23rd.

    • No, you blamed Democrats for not doing anything about terrorism for 20 years (your words, not mine) until I pointed out the several terror acts that occurred under GOP administrations during this time frame.

      Bush was elected once by a 51-49% margin (hardly a "mandate" as he called it) and the first time is still questionable.

      I began criticizing him after he prematurely diverted troops from Afghanistan ahd his pursuit of OBL (he could have turned that country into a sheet of glass as far as I'm concerned) to pursue a war of choice v. Iraq--which is when he lost half the country.

      He has tried ramming domestic legislation down our throats that have been dictated to him by our own domestic religious fanatics under the guise of the war on terror.

    • You really think that's funny don't you?

      20 years of Democrats ignoring Islamic terrorism worldwide culminating in the first major attack on US soil at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and almost the White house and you think it's a fucking joke?

      3,500 innocent victims were murdered (including my neighbors son) and you think we should ignore this? Perhaps have tea with "Ol Binny and negotiate?

      You and your type make me PUKE!

      You are Fucking Cowards!

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