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  • pepaw37 pepaw37 Jan 3, 2006 9:00 PM Flag


    Watch Frontline on PBS for a good look at WM!!!

    9:00 central

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    • Again, your already paying for their medicaid!
      Just not at the checkout!

    • We are contributing to Chinas military build up, not only that look at INTC's announcement to build a $605 million fab in Vietnam, we will be one big Walmart!

    • Make that 15b per month and rising fast!!!

    • So, as long as you get your goods from China, it's OK. I say we can't continue sending 150b per month to China!!

    • Peepaw,

      Have you don't a detailed comparison of the benifits offered by Walmart compared to Target, Kmart, McDonalds and Burger King?

      There are all jobs paying minimum wage or therabouts.

      Please advise.

    • For all it's faults, Walmart has ultimately provided what the market desired...low prices, wide selection, low prices, convenience, and low prices. They have changed the landscape of small-town America in terms of the traditional mom-pop shops and local discount stores like TG&Y and Ben Franklin stores. All of which had the same opportunity to take over but Sam Walton was the first to start what became the most efficient product distribution system known to mankind.

      So for the bad (erosion of small shops replaced by huge, steril big box stores)the good has been massive jobs, albeit low-paying but livable, and delivering to the market and growing the consumer driven economy.

      What hasn't been touched on is how Walmart has allowed thousands of small companies to start in the US as suppliers to Walmart. I personally know three people who started a cottage industry of products supplying Walmart and making a damned good living. Yep, their stuff is made in China, but they employ a few people and the money they make is spent right here in the good 'ol US.

      The first thing you libs need to understand is the economy is in no way, shape or fashion a zero-sum gain model.

    • recommendations_mean_nothing recommendations_mean_nothing Jan 4, 2006 7:24 PM Flag

      fire should be hire ... oops

      shut yer yapper anyway

    • recommendations_mean_nothing recommendations_mean_nothing Jan 4, 2006 7:22 PM Flag

      Did you not realize that , for the most part, Texas Instruments does not fire direct for FAB positions, they use a employee agency .... and those people have no benefits, no paid holidays, etc, etc... There are some who have been working in the fab for over a year and have not been hired permenantly by TI ... I'm pretty sure if TI is doing it, then it is a trend nationwide ... so maybe you should shut yer yapper and bear with it ....

    • Well bird, if I had a business where I marked up products by 500%, I would treat my employees a lot better than WM. And I wouldn't raise the price of toothpaste!!

      6 months to become elgible for Medical, 2 years for part time. Over 50% cannot afford it. That is where Medicaid comes in. Do you think that is a good company??

    • Talk about hypocritical!! Maybe you should study the subject before you comment and AUTOMATICALLY DOWN LIBERALS. Am I going to have to post that definition again???

      Yes I bitch about illegals. So do the Right wingers. Do you think we should do away with the border patrol and just let everyone in? I didn't think so!!!

      Did you watch Frontline?? I didn't think so!! this was not my saying anything. It was Frontline. A very respected show.

      WalMart tactics causes American Manufacturing to go broke or go to china for goods. That is wiping out the middle class and they then HAVE to work at WalMart to exist. I think people should have a chance to succeed.

      Try hiring a Union Plumber or Electrican in Texas.

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