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  • ahenley99 ahenley99 May 26, 1999 7:13 PM Flag

    TXN Stock History

    A broker with a major firm located here in Dallas
    informed me on Monday that for a nine year period (around
    1983-1993) that TXN stock sold for around $10. He said that
    there was this 9 yr. period when there was no movement
    in the stock and no one made a dime on TI. Does
    anyone remember this or know why this happened?

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    • my day. However in the last couple weeks I am
      pleased with the performance of the semis. Holdings in MU
      are finally looking 'sweet'. AFCI and CIEN are doing
      their thing well and MKWT is 'breaking my heart' since
      the IPO. Even what I thought was gonna embarass me
      (NESY-IPO) is up 163%. Oh, MKWT went public at 17. Damn,
      being a DLJ Direct 'user' has had some sweet moments.
      Now if only I was smart enough to stay in TXN..JUST
      FUNNING. All the above 'success stories' (that's braggin
      to Davy) are brought to you (and me) compliments of
      tradin profits from TXN.
      I am, however, somewhat
      depressed also. The 'good' news just seems to keep on
      coming. I actually used a calculator today and figured
      that the 'pull back' on TXN profit taking would bring
      it back to perhaps 113. I will settle for that but
      the GREED is on me like a tick. I do agree that it's
      a gamble to sell. Never know when 'the boys' will
      just dump another batch of good press releases.

      Now, the stock. Slugging through all the posts these
      last days has netted me a positive attitude. All the
      press is positive. TXN is 'doing it's thing' and going
      against the market (cept the semis). Let's see what kind
      of reaction the PPI tomorrow morning brings. Of
      course we could get a bit of nervous activity should it
      show even a hint of inflationary pressure. TXN is just
      about over valued again. The 'pump' from these last few
      days of great news will run it's course and Bobfai and
      I will have a good chance of executing our GTC.
      Which, Davy, (for the record again) is 115 and 113 for
      And yes, Virginia, my DLJ is still down six
      figures. These interest rate scares really hurt the
      financials. Y, por su puesto, Vino rosado es muy saludable.
      (and, of course, red wine is very healthy).
      Leon...(though Cher did it better on 'Dark Lady')?
      "I know
      your image of me is what I want to be.
      I've treated
      you unkindly, buy darling can't you see, there's no
      one more important to me,,darling can't you please
      see through me....cause we're alone now and I'm
      singing this song to you"

      Isn't that special?

    • Strong showing today of all days.

      digit semi growth! Estimates up 30%.

      You people
      are very funny. Afraid of success. All year I listen
      to you bitch and moan and here it is! Why the heck
      are the one or two of you out? The rest of us are

      I bought more TXN at $92.5, you know that. It will
      not be ahead of itself until we see $115+more than
      30% = $140. We still have upside. With a potential
      split announcement I would not sell till

      When the split is announced then you sell. Not


    • Yuk Yuk

    • Always positive....never right. Yuk Yuk

    • the hell do you mean
      What gentlemen the
      regulars have become.
      it's just because it's
      too soon to crow. you know how i feel about this
      short term stuff, but hey, today maybe your time. if it
      gets to 140 and you are still out i will probably
      mention it.
      if it goes back to 112, i'll say damn,
      wish i had sold at 123.

      and you know
      what---short term, 112 is more probable than 140. imo---but
      it's still a gamble to sell. :-)

    • You're right that the split doesn't add value to
      the stock, but the news is usually followed by good
      news and management feels the stock will hold

      I've followed these and the gains can be very good.
      The site has some stock
      split goodies which caught my attention.

      As for
      a txn split right now, who knows? The stock should
      do well anyway.

    • my post on the subject said " I am overcome with
      ambivalence" as to the bond.I use it in the sense of being
      'neutral'.It appears to be factored in and techs are surely
      showing resilience. That little comment about 12% growth
      in semis today was a nice touch, too..Kept Bobfai
      and me from getting our GTCs executed. I noticed
      another upgrade of TXN today too..
      Now, to the
      'bragging'..It sure helped my MU, DELL and CY.I have held CY for
      a long time!
      What gentlemen the regulars have
      become. Not a single comment about Bobfai and I being
      'out' with TXN rallying. I am very glad to see it do
      so. In the grand scheme even if it corrects now it
      has put in the showing and surely will move back up
      when the coming profit taking hits. The barrage of
      good news and events all seem to be going TXN's way.
      If we see the typical profit taking coupled with a
      couple of 'nervous days' (on who knows what news) it
      could pull back 10%. But!! that may not give us much
      margin to claim we made a good move.I will take it back,
      however, at any price under 115. Will be fun to see what
      is left to hold it up. Is it time to talk split yet?
      No talk of that today. Oh, well! Would say 'gettin
      nervous' but it would be a lie.

    • Look at the big picture. Greenspan is at the
      helm. The American worker has his retirement in the
      market. They will not let anything major happen because
      of this. Oil is one of the major movers of the
      economy. The Saudis kept the price low for our help in
      Kuwait. But the glut was too much so they bumped the
      price up slightly. As the higher oil prices make their
      way through the economy we are seeing the

      Bottom line is the inflation concernes are a blip and
      are already factored into stocks. The Fed is
      jawboning the market to keep it down. If stocks go too high
      then we really will see inflation concerns. The market
      is fine where it is. If they raise rates 1/4 point
      (a good chance of that) it will make little
      difference. - In my opinion.

    • "30-YEAR BOND 6.011%: Yes, this page is about
      stocks, but one of the most important issues for stocks
      is the interest rate environment. The bond is
      trading above the 6.0% yield today for the first time in
      more than a year. Though the move through an arbitrary
      level like 6% is in and of itself not that important,
      the prolonged uptrend in rates since last fall is. So
      too is the threat that the Fed will raise the funds
      rate a quarter point to 5.0% at its next meeting on
      June 30. Until and unless the interest rate threat
      recedes, there will not be a summer rally in stocks. The
      key factor in determining the interest rate outlook
      will be next Wednesday's Consumer Price Index report.
      It was the surprising 0.4% increase in the April CPI
      ex-food and energy number that rocked the bond market and
      prompted the Fed to adopt
      a tightening bias at its May
      18 meeting. Though that CPI report did raise the
      threat of accelerating inflation, it followed
      exceptional CPI reports which had suggested that inflation
      was still falling. has been arguing that
      April report was a one-month fluke, most likely the
      result of a problem with seasonal factors. We expect a
      very friendly 0.1% increase in May core CPI as a
      result. If we were to see such a benign report, market
      expectations of a Fed tightening would fade and the bond yield
      would drop back below 6%. Then and only then will
      stocks be set up for a summer rally."

    • and if you bail out on the early pops they say
      that you are exibiting something less than 'investment
      protocol' according to them. I usually pick IPOs that will
      (hopefully) do well in the long run, however, MarketWatch and
      a couple of others were real barn burners on the
      first couple days. I was real temped to bail but held.
      I do not honestly know if they would limit my
      participation if I traded the latest IPO in less than 30 days
      or not but since I select as stated above I cannot
      say if they will really penalize.

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