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  • stockmeister103 stockmeister103 Jul 19, 2011 1:29 PM Flag

    "Buyout deal very likely"

    “If Carl gets his three seats on the board, I think that will start a process from which the company will have no choice but not to back away from. Because then they know the next annual meeting is coming up and if they haven’t done something dramatic then they will lose control of the board.”

    Just be patient folks...

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    • The way Icahn operates is he forces change. That change helps improve shareholder value. Not every Icahn deal goes his way. But the ones that he has significant control in like MENT, he can make things happen. Especially when other stakeholders like Casablanca guys support his view. Between them two they own 20%. I mean, that's a very very significant stake in one company. LWSN is an example where Icahn forced a sale. Go check the history on that. He made a ton of money on that. I think everyone made money on that. Before Icahn LWSN was dead money.

      My point is give the improving fundamentals and the shadow of Icahn only helps us shareholders. The price action may not reflect that. But in due time it will. Not trying to be a snob here. Just an opinion of course.

    • Thanks...and same to you!

    • If you find that answer, you will become a multi-millionaire many times over. If there is one thing about this market that I do know it is that it makes zero sense no matter how good anything looks (fundamentals, technicals, etc.). It's one big poker game and market makers are doing their best to make you fold to get your shares cheap. We are all just along for the ride....and many times that road is seriously rocky! GL

    • And I have done the same. But I am trying to identify the logic as to why the market has been so heavily betting against that thesis.

    • Did you read any of the articles that came out regarding his CLX offer? Many of them referenced his other recent offers and how his follow-up skills have been lacking. Do you only read and follow things that agree with your opinions? And by the way, I don't mean any disrespect in any of our dialogue; just trying to better ascertain your foundation. I do find your postings informative - albeit sometimes expensive. :)

    • Stock, are you thinking this happens before year end or more likely in 2012? Thanks.

    • This is from four months ago. Since then, Icahn got his three seats, looked at the books and was already actively participating when MENT reported not only disappointing quarterly earnings but a significant disconnect in forward quarter expectations. It is now doubtful whether either of the two instigating funds even still hold their full stakes. Block trades of 50k shares or more are still going through even at these depressed prices. If you can identify something more recent, please share it.

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      • Yes. It is from 4 months ago. But is still relevant. You are still missing my point. Which is "Mentor WILL be sold" whether management likes it or not. And it will happen sooner than most think.

        As for your comments about their books. Apparently you have no clue about EDA business. There is nothing to hide. The disappointment is only limited for Q2. Mentor did reiterate that full year expectations won't change.

        Now coming to your comments about block trades, Shorts are in control. But not for long. CDNS earnings next week will scare them away and reiterate that the growth in this sector is still in tact.

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