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  • YourPalQwerty YourPalQwerty Jul 18, 2009 3:06 PM Flag

    US NG production as stable as housing bubble.

    What you are seeing in NG production is the same kind of unsustainable fraud that was taking place in the housing bubble. Anyone who does even a marginal amount of research can wargame this situation to its only conclusion.

    Smart players will stop drilling shale wells because the don't make money. It is already quite obvious that a horizontal shale well is merely 4x more expensive to drill and run than a verticle shale well and provide less medium and long term flow. Indeed, every new well you drill into an exitsing shale field provides even less initial flow than the original wells. That will leave only the fraudsters.

    Then the critical eye of the press will tear open the losers that are left. Shale gas is going to be like Wyle E Coyote running off a cliff and being handed an anvil. These companies will get unmasked as the debt ridden no profit making accounting miracles they are.

    No one is going to be willing to loan these turd shale companies any more more money to drill their unprofitable scam wells.

    Once the Wall Street credit subsidy on these Nat Gas is gone, NG production will have to be paid for with NG profits, not stock sales.

    Then you are going to see an NG spike like you have never seen before in your life.

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