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  • ralphperg ralphperg Sep 25, 2009 2:52 PM Flag

    WATCH SELLOFF 3.00PM......


    ALMOST A GIVEN.........

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    • Can we say you are wrong now?

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      • NOPE cant really say wrong to me at least until Monday. :)

        they always do this right after I post something lol oh well.

        ANYWAY I'm still trying to learn how to predict the mutual fund managers thinking but what ever I did not place any bets. Just doing this for fun.:)

        Hey at least I was right at first til they forced it up in less than 10 min.

        Seems fundamentally correct but if it is manipulated I am wrong hmm interesting.
        I gotta shut up and let my predictions do its work then so that those people wont use it against me.

        I still have 1 more day to see if i am right monday is the death day typically for ung sept 28th last few years it always always drop this day let see if it will then. I SAID either friday if its not friday it is monday.

        I am expecting a pull back at least 1 more time then a rally a bit then drop dead after oct since this is a bubble now.

        Even if I am wrong no big loss decay ate up any loss I have because I sold covered my calls not buying puts. BIG WOOP. FLAT IS MY BEST FRIEND actually.

    • Did I not explain this to you, already? Options have expired. The pit is closed and we are heading into the weekend with a big announcement from UNG pending on Monday. Nobody is going to short until there is some clarification regarding the status of UNG.

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      • Well more or less flat today would have gone down someone might have tried to manipulate again hmm.

        Sharp up in such a short time.
        If let markets decide would have obviously went down technically. They must be reading our posts.

      • Seems they wanna kill the fund after hours just like a few weeks ago lure in people during the day again and kill it since its after h those that cant trade after hours can get killed.

        gas is going down quickly again. WONDER WHY.:P

        Seems like a head fake rally during the afternoon again. Could go either way on monday if they make it go down a lot on friday then. Well those mutuals sure are annoying only doing things when not as much people can move. EH.


    • this is slow decaying dead money. its no longer the falling knife it was. may get as high as $13, but it will take many months to break below $9. in other words, this is torture for anyone looking for volatility. you can see it daily. this thing barely moves anymore.

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