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  • ret_slo ret_slo Jan 29, 2010 4:47 PM Flag

    UNG - what to do?

    I have gotten in this pit of the ETF a long while back and need/would like to make some money back as this will never see 20's. What do you guys suggest as far as UNG goes? I have no way of writing options (for now). What can we expect for price of UNG (not necessarily of NG)?


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    • Sell it when it rallies and not when it dumps.. try to catch a peak.. If you dump as desired by NG mafia then you will supplement their income.. thats the deal..

      The option traders are writing scripts to extract cash from the traders/investors who become their victims.. All their rants are related to estimates that they make up which they already know if it is going to be fulfilled or not because they either over or under estimate... The who estimate nonsense is used by the markets to fool the population at large in general. In reality, only raw actual data should matter.


    • Get out of this bottomless pit before your losses get worse. As they will.

    • Ret slo

      Your very much showing your ignorance as the only thing that drives UNG price is Natural Gas Prices. Thats it.

      Without writing options ability (selling covered calls or selling puts) you have no way to offset the contango decay that will be upcoming. That means steady losses to upside gain potential each and every month and increasing chances of losing more and more.

      Not saying NG might not go up, its getting a lower probability as time goes up. Best suggestion is to sell out move on and get into an investment you can understand and are willing to put in the work.

      Good luck


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        I don't know if I would recommend selling here.
        Natural Gas prices will never go to zero, but there is a decay in this ETF that will happen even if Natural Gas stays the same.
        You could start to scale Out on upswings, assuming there are some, and start to cut you losses.

        It's true you've already lost the money - and not selling doesn't make it any different.


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