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  • s.eranger Oct 22, 2010 3:56 PM Flag

    Typical Message Board...

    Listen MF...I don't want or need your pity. Fact is losing $10 or 15K doesn't affect me one way or another.

    You have a smart mouth, Mr. Internet tough guy.

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    • If your going to complain then get your facts straight or just admit you didnt do any of the necessary homework to make a smart sound investment.

      If it doesnt impact you, then cut your loss and dont complain about it. Fact is, its all your fault, not the creators of UNG. They have been doing what they said they would be doing from Day 1.


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      • spartacusad Oct 22, 2010 7:17 PM Flag

        So let me get this are on this board telling everyone how this sucks (and it does by looking at the chart) but you have made a ton of money by being short?

        So if this is the case, why do you spend your time on a message board? If it were me, I'd be out spending the money and enjoying myself.

        As far as lecturing the other guy about "complaining," it sounds like he was making comments, nothing more.

        People who make a killing on any stock don't hang around telling the world how smart they are.

        Them be my experiences, sonny.

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