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  • archarch_60477 archarch_60477 Sep 6, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    t boone pickens keeps saying gov

    will vote on nat gas bill soon., could be huge for nat gas

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    • "will vote on nat gas bill soon., could be huge for nat gas"

      - Dream On, he has been talking about that for more than 3 years. Those that bought long on that bet have lost a LOT of $$$. And, will keep loosing money.

      Who cares what he says. When was the last time he was right on anything?!?

    • Its possible big auto will get a push into cng cars/trucks. Given the new technology to to produce nat gas the cng commuter car and fleet car should happen. It does look like a barrier is the safety factor, like underground parking etc. I dont think the filling station infrastructure is a difficult challenge. I think if the safety regulations can get sorted out, perhaps ban on underground parking of cng cars, then the cng auto industry gets a start.

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      • Should qualify my comment that providing the nat gas station infrastructure is not much of a challenge. That is its not much of a challenge in big cities where nat gas pipelines already exist, even the home owner can use his house gas line. The difficlty starts in rural travel in areas not serviced by nat gas pipeline. So for cars and trucks contained within or close to the city its not a problem. So for city fleet vehicles and commuter cars nat gas infrastructure is going to be easily provided. Certainly for taxi and delivery within a city it makes some sense. It also makes sense where air pollution is an issue. Having said this there could be some new safety issues with crash protection and as i said parking in confined areas. cng is going to be a growing part of the mix going forward. jmho.

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