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  • cadmium_telluride cadmium_telluride Jun 20, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Marcellus Shale Gas Contains Deadly Radioactive Radon

    A recent scientific report indicates that Marcellus Shale Gas contains deadly radioactive radon, which is known to cause lung cancer. This could lead to 1182 to 30,000 additional cancer deaths should fracking be allowed in the New York state. Do a key word web search.

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    • Bring this up!

    • Radioactive radon is deadly. That's a scientific fact.

    • Here some smart NG traders.. You all followed and asked so many questions, they lead you into the widow maker session... You F cks have no clue about trading NG or the chemistry.... Now ask how my 8 ish entry DGAZ looking today..... Long bag holder earns the rewards, ride the cycle pattern and you will eat those hot lunches. I bet most of the bellow posters or is it pozzer are enjoying the brown bag service.. Sham on the neg commits, I hope the ones who like to slander and play MR. NG big shot got slammed today so hard, there tails hurt, ouch..

    • Yup who eating hot lunch on your NG trades today and who is eating brown bag left overs NG traders. As I have posted the NG 3.75 trend, if broken? Shall I do the dance of GASX and DGAZ again here. Would I dip into loading up NG now, ask CADmi who studies the internet so world solutions, lol... While I enjoy the summer gains of profits. The gas field is a tricky resource and must be studied daily. Takes tons of research to pin point the cycle trend movement. When NG field reads the BS people post, we post to make sure the real world does not follow the made up bs #$%$ others post. PERIOD!

    • Once again unless you know the chemistry of a true NG field, stop posting your BS media hype. Non fiction overview. Cad you need a a z z whopping schooling, but what's the point.. My business is NG and the supply of different application to separate the chemistry off gases. We can pinpoint any type of product and break down chem to separate any fuel into separate atoms. Every action has a re-action... Now CAD keep reading and get more educated via world wide web. Please stop the non-sense posting.

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      • CAd the meaning of ignorant is education bearing. The Air Pollution business for past 35 plus years has been the heart beat of three business I own, supply chain specialize equipment to the gas field all over the world is just a start. So please take your sassy internet media hype and put it where the sun does not shine. Anytime you post from now on, you will look like a dumb #$%$ IDIOT, my word. Guys like you who fundle web sites for information and post the great repeat data to earn brownie points is pointless. To separate chemistry from splitting membranes into different parts of atoms, meaning a simple scrub is easy as pie, you dork.

      • You are ignorant. Radon is an inertia gas, that means it does NOT participate in ANY chemical reaction at all. There is no effective way of separating Radon from natural gas. And it is a FACT that no producer attempts to separate radon from their gas.

    • Boy you boys read to much media hype. Does the NG get scrubbed after removed from ground, or do we just send the NG with all additives down the pipeline.. Each site houses carbon and other extractions filtration, moisture reduction and much more. So if your going to post something, better have bullets, or I eat the written data and spit this BS back at you. Cad enough of your bs on this blog, PERIOD!

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      • Radon is an inert gas. It can NOT be removed by any chemical method. There is no technology to remove radon from the natural gas effectively. Attempts to remove radon, even if theoretically possible, will be prohibitively expensive. So even though natural gas producers routinely try to remove water and other easy to remove impurity from natural gas, they do NOT remove radon.

        So the deadly radioactive radon is transported directly from well head into households, through quick pipelines. Radioactive radon causes lung cancer is a scientific conclusion. No one can argue against that scientific fact.

    • Radon is just about everywhere (although levels vary significantly from place to place). It is the largest component of background radiation that everyone is exposed to every day. Radon is present in a lot of homes. Radon exposure has always been a problem in the mining industry with miners often having high levels of exposure. Petroleum products in general contain radon, and refineries and their pipelines often have high levels of radiation as a result.

      Your post suggesting this is something new or specific to the Marcellus is rather silly.

    • As people become more aware of the deadly radioactive radon carried by Marcellus shale gas, there will be stronger resistance to fracking in pennsylvania as well. Where are you environmental wackers when it comes to radon from gas?

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      • Radon gas is emitted from the ground in 3/4 of the U.S. It's one reason why building codes in many places require a certain degree of ventilation under the building/home. Sometimes even forced air is needed to prevent buildups. You are breathing trace amounts right now, in fact, as are most people.

        As with all things radioactive what matters is the type of radiation and the level of exposure. Lots of things dug up from the earth are radioactive... coal, for example, and the coal bricks used in barbecues. Smoke detectors, flying at high altitude, numerous medical devices, all sorts of things.

        So there might be an issue... or there might not.


      • Well, you could say the same about coal mining (your preferred investments) as miners have long been at higher risk of increased radon levels.
        There have been lots of homes with high radon levels too. Are you suggesting that there will be protests against living in houses?
        Radon is just about everywhere.

    • Radon causes lung cancer is scientifically proven.

    • Here is a USGS paper on radon from Marcellus. It merely presents the measurement value and says nothing about potential health risks. This is as non-biased as you could get. Just measurement values.

      pubs usgs dotgov

      In middle Devian, it was as high as 79 pCi/L

      A-3 79 Marcellus Shale, Middle Devonian Black shale 8,000

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      • This another example of Cadmium reading some tidbit and jumping all over it without any general knowledge to put it in perspective.
        Petroleum products in general are associated with Radon - often oil refineries and pipelines have significant levels of radioactivity as a result.
        The mining industry in general, including his beloved coal miners, is associated with elevated exposure to radon and miners have been one of the groups with highest incidence of radon related cancer.
        Since decay of uranium produces radon, the nuclear industry and nuclear power plants have high radon levels.
        OK, so our entire energy supply (oil, gas, coal, nuclear) all are associated with radon.
        And depending where you live, lots of people are exposed to high levels of radon just because it is prevalent in the ground and rocks.

        So this is somehow a negative for natural gas?
        Cadmium is making a fool of himself again.

      • Surface soil in New York is 0.81 pCi per gram of soil.

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