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  • You where all warned about NG bear market. Hope you bag holders learned a lesson. Now you wait for the month cycle to complete. NG gap 3.2 - 3.4, if we break the down trend at 3.4 and push past 3.2, your support is 2.88. What is 2.88 is UNG price level huh? My world surround the NG field for over 35 plus years and a simple tip. Read this out loud "We have enough NG to supply the world"! Last did you folks listen to Obama and futures on the EPA, there is no caver towards EPA ruling. Big money first fights a good fight in court, run the appeal process puts the action into 2016 - 2018 time frame. It is easy to purchase carbon credits to justify the release of carbon and other by-product into the ATM. Our Air Pollution sector hires many engineering firm Foster and other big market names, they are slammed with design phase. The real actual first scrubber is being tested at Monroe MI power plant, a coal eating machine. Upon the testing and actually tuning the process of Air Pollution reductions, many other power plants have orders to comply... so set your NG chart to the 4 hour window, set the date as following Jan 01 to today, add your MADC and review the trend if your a long buyer, as I am. Good luck all...

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