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  • eskimo_pie22 eskimo_pie22 Sep 26, 2013 12:31 AM Flag

    new gotcha

    to be added to eia reports.... "implied flow" data to be added to thursday reports go to eia website and read up boys. not clear to me if it starts today.

    "Specifically, EIA intends to enhance the WNGSR summary table. In addition to what is currently presented, EIA plans to provide an estimate of the "implied flow" of working natural gas into or out of underground natural gas storage facilities that excludes reportable reclassifications-those totaling 7 billion cubic feet (Bcf) or more-from the weekly "net change" in working natural gas. The "implied flow" would represent flow activity into or out of underground storage facilities derived from comparing the working gas stocks-excluding reportable reclassifications-reported by storage operators to EIA for the two most recent weeks on the Form EIA-912, Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report.

    The proposed new summary table estimate of "implied flow" excluding reportable reclassifications will allow users interested in that value to find it directly, rather than having to calculate it using the data on working gas storage levels in the prior and current week in conjunction with data on reclassifications that were described in a note below the table. For example, the WNGSR for the week ending August 2, 2013, reported a national net change in working natural gas storage inventories that included a 14 Bcf reclassification of base natural gas to working natural gas. The report was made in compliance with EIA's long-standing methodology, published on November 25, 2008, that was based on extensive feedback from Federal Register Notices dated November 12, 2002, and April 26, 2005. The effects of the reclassifications were described in a note below the table"

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