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  • eskimo_pie22 eskimo_pie22 Nov 7, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    switching from fuel oil heat

    I dont make this stuff up. heres a pretty quick read on what is going on in the northeast.

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    • When trading oil, we keep an eye on Distillate draws which is diesel and heating oil, the draw downs have been large the last month on distillate but theres no way of telling if its being used for diesel or heating oil, the Northeast uses the most heating oil, its the last major region to convert and NG is a lot cheaper then heating oil, plus heating oil is nasty smelling in a house, so I can see the switch. I am looking for news on power plants that did switching from coal to NG since NG dropped a lot, that would mean this winter more NG for heating and electricity use which wasn't the case last winter with electricity.

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      • The year 1973 pops up. You would think USA would have learned, the arabs did it again around 1979.

        Now, the industry faces a relentless boom in cheaper natural gas, on top of a more than 50 percent drop in the number of homes heated by oil between 1973 and 2011. The threat to the industry dominated by family businesses is particularly keen in the Northeast, where about 30 percent of homes are heated by oil,

        I converted a single family rental in sep 2012. 500 for gas company trench and pipe. 600 for new american standards unit, that sells for 1400. plumber, electrician and parts 2000. Total cost 3100. Was that a good price?

        I got sick and tired chasing tenants to fill the tank {250 gals?} When they quit.

        I hope you clean up in the conversion swaps.

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