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  • finland6507 Apr 22, 2011 10:03 AM Flag

    Off CLF again, RDR! Last night my

    wife was watching Clint Eastwood and saw a nice place Sao Paulo, it was beatiful, but I can only get Braizl with that spelling. Santa Paula ,north of L.A. is 70% mexican, no way we would go there. Now she likes the east side of "the Bay" after she saw a map of S.F. cty., and I can live with Napa or Sonoma. We don't want creepy people around us as you know, like Oakland (Haiti). If only CLF would go up, then we could move near Palo Alto,as my research shows a higher income area there. With the taxes in Cal., one has to put all of one's money into the house, then live on welfare to get around the taxes. What can you say ?

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    • The nice thing about investing is you have none of the liabilities of running an individual business.

      The advantage of investing in CLF is it has been the most profitable business one could hope for.

    • you made me laugh out loud with that comment about metal's posts.
      I suspect your daughter will be a product of her environment, fin. You provide the principles and you give her a good base to work from, if she's made aware that she gets from life what she puts into it, and she's a go-getter, she'll go get it. I have a son that is brilliant, but he doesn't want the life we envision for our children. I spent my life providing for my family, long hours, deployments, but not as much time for my family life, being around them, seeing their victories. To my surprise, that is his focus for his family instead of going for the demanding jobs that bring in plenty of cash. As he raises his son, I see the way they play together, the look in his son's eye, and it's clear he is meeting his own goals, his own fortune in his own way. I admire that and feel a loss at the same time. I hope you find a balance that allows you both to get what you want, before the life you never had is over. Incidentally fin, for a naturalized socialist, your english is excellent:)
      Rdr, I'm retired military but not retired from working. I lived at home, not working after my last trip overseas, for a little over a year and realized I'm not much of a homebody. There's only so many pet projects that one can tolerate, you know? I had to get my hands dirty again so I'm back at it. Retirement's not where it's at for me. I think the wife and I get along better when we're not gazing into each other's eyes 24/7. I considered getting a boat and sailing around the world, getting a villa someplace or owning a ranch or a farm in a South American country someplace, opening a small import/export business and travelling back and forth with custom-made wares to peddle in the states, but every dream when completely thought through, has it's drawbacks. I settled for doing what I already know how to do in the place that I already was, and I'm happier having had the chance to do something else and choosing the life I have (Not Retired:).

    • finland6507 Apr 22, 2011 8:11 PM Flag

      My wife and I could live in Yalta , as she said, but I want my daughter to be something, I never was. Just an ave. guy with higher principals than most of Americans. My wife says I've missed life starting work @ 16. She's right. Still looking for the life I never had, Moscow, Oregon, wherever, I need another 50 yrs. for soul searching. Good discussion here today,as it gets a bit routine watching metal's posts.

    • The key to our Iron Ore momentum play is CLF attaining global pricing, if not in fact Global shipping, for a greater proportion of its increasing tonnage.

      With Consolidated Thomphson the percentage of tonnage gaining global pricing and global shipping will increase substantially for CLF. So too will profit and especially CASH FLOW.

      Takinout saw this in January as he posted, I'm sure he felt it sooner. (retirement seems to suit you well, sir. hope to join the ranks of retired myself soon).

      CLF is executing just the strategy we wished for only they are staying ahead of us.

      BTW w/o Wabush Global would not be associated with CLF,Consolidated would be much more difficult and investors more skeptical.

      Maybe Wabush should be called a Gold Mine.

    • hmm...moving to NC you say.

      They will probably be moving to one of the high speed metropolitan areas, charlotte or raleigh, asheville (beautiful but expensive in the mountains). I'm down in Fayetteville, an army town (I'm retired military), and we have the racial mix fin seems to want to avoid here, so he may want something a little more rural, but I'm finding life suits me here. My own kids haven't blossomed into the whiz kids I expected, so I don't hold as high a standard as I did when I was a naive first sergeant demanding perfection, life gives us nothing but life. If we want more, it's up to us to look for it, find it and go get it. There is no nirvana, no perfect spot. We get what we make of life. No union rep in life.

      Fin, make a list of what is the most important for you, whether that's taxes, a view from your kitchen window, or feeling you are the equal of your neighbor. Then look for that. Good luck with your soul searching, and maybe we can share a beer if you decide NC is the place for you.

      Today was a non-starter for most markets, no updates to comment on, as far as IO prices go. MetalBulletin apparently took the day off as did Platts and my emailed futures report, so nothing to say about the market. Many hedgefunds are betting on CLF, as those of us reading this probably are.
      I posted my expectations for 2011 back in January.
      I suggest you compare them to the company's estimates before you decide the longs on this board are just spinning.

    • California used to be a rich state, not any more. Most jobs here in bay are are outsource to India or China. High real estate tax (1.5% assessed value). Average price for 3bd house in bay area is around $500K, so you're looking at $625/moth property tax. Sales tax 9.25%, 9.75% in some cities, lower in Southern California.

      -Most high-tech jobs are outsource to India or companies hire more Indian with H1B visa, so you will also see lots of Indian in the bay area too. The Indian population is increasing because when the Indian people get into management position, they hire their own people first, WTF.

      -Lots of engineers are still out of work. Companies ask more for H1B-visa quota because of engineer shortage. There is no U.S engineer shortage. You see, they post lots of engineer jobs on the web but they don't hire, and they claim shortage because the number of jobs open are not filled, how can it be filled when they don't hire. Manufaturing jobs are almost gone.

      -Beautiful weather all year round and culture diversity, you can wear pajama and flip flop in the mall and no body laugh at you.

    • it will get worse in Illinois with the additional taxes they have assessed to take care of their state budgetary problems, more companies will be leaving the state and it will be hard to recoop, it will become a state of detroits. IMO. You will be able to see what bad state political decisions do as they have done in California. Even AAPL is moving business out of state to NC.

    • finland6507 Apr 22, 2011 1:40 PM Flag

      I just remembered that union rep's house was assessed around $350 maybe, this was 5 yrs ago. Now one would be hard pressed to get a buyer in my area unless the house is $130, nothing is moving, 60% are FHA I was told, as banks want 40% down. That takes out 30% of the prospective buyers.

    • Life in California is only going to get worse from where we are. The Bolsheviks are destroying this State and the parasites are squeezing whatever is left. Business is leaving in droves and the unions and special interests are running everything else. Who, in their right mind, would want to move to California? Unemployment is close to 17% and soon will grow higher because of the stupidity of the people of the State to continue voting for the commies. I strongly suggest you reconsider your move.

    • Grass is always greener.. On the other side of the fence. Not always true.

      .Best to look for the best of the best within your region for walking kayaking biking...

      All will cost you next to nothing.

      CLF will generally rise while you are doing those things.

      Works for me.

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