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  • finland6507 Jan 19, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    I was going to "laylow" but RL gets

    me after so long. If one has a sizeable easy income, does he boast about it. My urologist doesn't say a word what he makes. He must be on salary, the info I read online claims they make "insane" money. That is one of the reasons the mdical sys is going broke. I read what they pay in Europe. The U.S. will be broke if these drs. are not put on salary.

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    • I worked in the medical field for a long time. Dr's will never take salary unless they are right out of school or are first year guys which will make them about a hundred grand a year as a house Dr in some S%^& Hole Hospital or at the VA. Why do you think all the house DR's in city Hospitals are all Indian?

    • In every job when on a salary the costs go up because the efficiency and hard work go down. When earning what you earn then you work harder and more efficiently. When they go on salary the lines will get longer costs will go up and the govt will tell you what services you can get and when. That is one of the reasons people come to the USA for medical care. because they dont have to wait and can get the care they want. you just need to learn to want less if you want to save money.

    • behind again finland, we are losing good drs left and right due to salaries going down due to PPOs HMOs and medicare reimbursement. Most drs I know are making less than they did 10 yrs ago and working twice as hard. Obamacare will cause major problems as they will ration medical care. If you dont want good care then die sooner and quit demanding so much on care. For someone to spend 500k mostly to the hospitals and pharmacy to stay alive 3 or 4 months shows me their insecurity in salvation. If I had incurable cancer I would just say give me painpills and let me die. No fear when the time comes and i have faced death so I am sure of what I am saying.

    • Those who have don't talk about it Fin.

      He's a nothing,all talk.

      He's a blow hard.

      Anybody with real money are not on these boards in the first place.

      He's a wanna be who never was :))))