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  • malona_1998 malona_1998 Apr 25, 2012 6:31 PM Flag

    the numbers were fine

    Obviously they could be better. but with pricing where it is there's a much higher potential that prices rise from here then fall. The world has been and will continue to keep the economy afloat and even with the problems we've had over the past few months demand for iron has been very strong. I think that's the most important part of the report. As long as demand continues to grow pricing will follow. There is no reason to be very bearish at this price.

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    • The numbers were not fine.

      Look into them.

      Unless you don't have glasses to see what they were.

      Which is not good.

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      • what is not fine with them? We all know that pricing has been weak so again tell me what isn't fine with them. Had they not had the tax gain they would of still beat estimates. So on it's seasonally weakest quarter and bad pricing they still made about 1.20. Even if they pooped the rest of the year and made 1.2 for all quarters which they won't they would have 4.8 in EPS which would be a 12 PE which would be on par with all the coal companies out there in the world that are have deteriorating fundamentals. At least here we don't have that, we have steady prices with very strong demand.

    • Guys, the lower the stock goes, the higher the Div, the better the buying opportunity, if this is the "bad" qtr, then load up here, I am going to wait and see how tomorrow turns out and if it dips like CAT, then I will get in with half a position. Good luck.

    • Yep, these guys on here are looking to ride the stock up and down by 2-4%. They're going to miss it when market sentiment comes back and this stock goes parabolic. No wonder they call these sites IDIOT boards.

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      • drm sir are a world class schmuck!

      • Yup, They hit the numbers right on the head this quarter. Which is good, the overall weakness seen in other quarters is over. The worst conditions were probably end of last quarter and into this quarter. The estimates out there right now base everything off current pricing, there is substantial upside to the estimates over the next 1-2 years. All it will take is 10 bucks more in price and estimates go up 20% which would put Earnings next year at around 15. if we get back to 170+ you are talking 15-20 in eps. Demand for iron is going strong and CLF is showing it in the demand numbers. Record sales this quarter with slumping pricing. Just think about that for a second, the fact that sales aren't down right now is a big indicator for things to come. pricing can't stay this way forever with demand growing the way it is. This is the ground floor, last quarters numbers were much worse then this given the quarter it was produced in and the stock stayed in this area. The base is set in the mid 60's as been the ground floor. I'd expect the PPS go grow substantially over the next 3-6 months. There's no reason for the stock to be trading here. You don't double the divi if you expect conditions to worsen in the near future. You do it when earnings are there and conditions are going to improve. it sets the stage for a major beat next quarter. They obviously see something coming, i'll be listening to the CC tomorrow to find out just what. The stock will surly move on the sentiment on the call. Don't forget there is always a buyout possible here which will keep the stock from falling too far. Big divi, rock bottom pricing with up being the more likely direction, and buyout always possible tells me the stock is way too cheap. This stock trades so much cheaper then all the pure play coal companies which is funny because they are the ones where pricing is likely to get weaker with NG prices so low. But somehow ACI trades at a 12pe and clf trades at a 5. Definitely some repricing going to happen.

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