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  • rocky42287 rocky42287 Oct 17, 2012 4:33 PM Flag

    President Obama CRUSHED romney last night as predicted by the news media

    President Obama exposed romney for the fool heeally is last night.

    He let romney babble away with his lies during the first debate so he could HAMMER him last night and he did so!

    Brilliant strategy!

    Everyone knew he let romney talk way and put his foot in his mouth at their first debate and exposed romney for what he really is in last nights debate LMAO!

    romney doesn't stand a chance, come election day :)

    The youth and the 47 percent of this great contry of ours will be coming out in droves to make sure our GREAT President Obama is easily elected and this fool romney remains in the private sector.

    PS Go Cliffs!

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    • You must have been drunk when you wrote this. There are so many mistakes in spelling and grammar it is hardly understandable. Grab what you can but Obama lied many times last night and was caught. It was another voter loss night for him as the polls will show by the end of the week as it was at the last election. He lied about oil, gas and coal. Anyone with stocks in these know that to be true. He lied about Libya again. He lied about immigration. I have a friend at church that has been in this country illegally for 3 yrs and his Spanish pastor convinced him to go to immigration services and apply for citizenship, they are going to deport him though he is married to an american and has children that are citizens. He has a job and no criminal record. I guess to stay you need to be on welfare or selling drugs. They told him that the penalty could be 10yrs before he could now apply to come back but amnesty may be granted and he could be back in 2yrs by filing for special treatment, I wonder what Obama charges for special treatment. If he agrees I have a TV interview set up for him to tell how Obama treats our immigrants, hopefully he agrees and it goes national. But that could backfire and make it harder for him to get back in in 2 yrs to be with his family.

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      • Obama only wants to play golf,and party with Hollywood.His idea of settleing a tough decision is to throw more money(mine) at it.There is no Free anything.Get a grip already.....

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      • This coming from a senile old fool that doesn't know the meaning of simple words or sentence structure and how to complete a sentence LMAO!

        Remember your use of "bard" instead of BARB! Everyone on here does.

        English has to be your second language old man.

        You are some piece of work you jealous old Grandpa Munster.

        Correction below. I didn't reread before I posted and this new Yahoo format doesn't work as well as the one they had before.

        (President Obama exposed romney for the fool he really is last night.)

        One thing is still the same on this board though. Rib is a dribbling senile old miser and a nobody, whose house is on wheels.

        President Obama will win in a ROUT over little mitty boy come this election day :)

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    • You need to go back to school and learn to spell correctly.

    • I have to admit Obama did much better and from what I'm reading beat Romney in their debate last night. Maybe Obama was playing possum in the first debate. I'm looking forward to their third debate now as the gloves should be coming off for it.

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    • babble? foolish kool aid drinking lib

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