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  • wakeupamerica87 wakeupamerica87 Nov 30, 2012 9:16 AM Flag

    Candle has gone Very Bullish

    Wall St. has gone limp with Obama back in White House, the market was rallying in anticipation that Romney was going to win. Companies are hoarding records amounts of cash and they will not spend until Obama is long gone, there is fuel to push the Dow to 15k+. All he will do is just give it all away to welfare and food stamp recipients and now big taxes are coming. So essentially we got four more years of sluggish growth.

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    • Well, you maybe right and I tend to agree with the entitlement nonsense (some safety net is needed though) but his newest proposal for eliminating the cliff does include a 50 billion dollar infrastructure stimulus. This was similar to his last plan and is desperately needed. If it passed I could see many things improving but wouldn't gamble on the level of improvement. The US is on the verge of a major comeback it just needs a good push to overcome the inertia.

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      • I agree some safety net is needed; I'm just not convinced all those in the net are doing much to get out. As far as more stimulus goes, I'm not seeing any real worthwhile results from the previous attempts to prime the pump. What I do see is an administration that continues to create an environment that is not too business friendly. Most business owners -- small and large -- will be reluctant to commit to increased hiring as long as questions remain. The ones that are hiring are those in various nooks where their products/services are in high demand in a (at best) very slowly recovering economy.

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