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  • jcbrowns jcbrowns Dec 20, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    Jim Cramer:

    Cramer said sell PNC bank about two weeks ago - it is up over 6% since his sell recommendation. PNC had (also has) a great P/E and owns about 20% of Black Rock (another great stock). Today Cramer is telling us Black Rock is a great buy. I formerly believed he was evil - now I believe he is just stupid in many respects. CLF is a great bargain and Cramer has recommended the stock many times at higher prices when the company had much lesser value in the past. CLF has assets it could sell very easily if debt becomes a problem - and management is not stupid. Buy all the CLF you can afford at these price level.

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    • Cramer wants to bring it down and buy more at lower price. He's a snake oil salesman.

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    • Agree also. Cramer speaks of several stock that have gone up and makes it sound like he called them all last week. He is definitely a double talker when it comes to most of his picks. He says on his show not to buy for trades, and then he tells you to buy a stock and 2 weeks later he is saying sel, sell, sell. If one was to trade that way they would be broke in no time. He is entertainment but CNBC relies too much on him as he is the only ex trader they have on. A few others that need to go are Joe Kernan (nerd and boring), David Faber (nerd and boring), Scott Wapner (styruggles for his show) Herb Greenberg (idiot) and Bill Griffith (just an old reporter). I guess there is limited talent out there. Too bad they lost Erin Burnett (i am sure CNN has paid her well) and enjoy watching her show. CLF is a great buy on a little pullback !!

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    • Agree. I watch Cramer everyday as a negative indicator. He's clearly a momentum player and its done so the big PE/Hedgies can scale out of there bets without collapsing the price of there stocks. Retail holders who buy and hold for anytime at all on Cramers calls are begging to get killed.

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      • oliviajagger Dec 20, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

        CNBC has turned into an embarassment. Between Cramer the clown and Rick Santelli who puts on a great show screaming and throwing a tantrum over every guest who doesn't see things his way. CNBC has been nothing but negative all year and yet the market has held its own. I can remember when everyone including Cramer was bearish on Visa 2 years ago. Pull up the chart and take a look. I bought at $70. I think we rally briefly after we get past the fiscal cliff, then we have a correction in the market. Silver and gold are going much lower along with the xly. Coal, steel and iron ore stocks have been pommeled and I don't see a lot more downside from here.

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