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  • rocky42287 rocky42287 Feb 13, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    MiningStockPicker was 100% right on Cliffs

    I have to give him the credit he deserves.

    He called all this, especially the over payment for Consolidated Thompson and that Cliffs dividend would not last.

    His call on Cliffs CEO Joe Carrabba and CFO Laurie Brlas was spot on, they both should be shown the door NOW!

    Go look at his posts.

    Sad day for Cliff share holders.

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    • MiningStockPicker was spamming this board 2 years ago with multiple IDs and constantly pumping the stock like a teenage boy wacking his pud. In fact you are probably MiningStockPicker. I got out in the low 90s back then and left the board since it became worthless. rlbeard was the one that knew what he was talking about, he was writing options and making money on this stock. He then changed his tune and thats when I got out. I made some money too, not anything to get excited about, but it helped my 401k later reach all time highs today. There were a few others that were spot on back then, but it definitely wasn't MiningStockPicker! He was a pumper while I was around.

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      • I am just giving credit where credits due and it was him or her (whatever he or she is) that got it right about Cliffs and NOT you rib, all you are is a flip flopper.

        I went after Mining's bashing of Cliffs management back when he was doing it, he might of been a bull at one time. All I know is he was relentless about Cliffs over paying for the Consolidated mine and not being able to pay that high of a dividend and he was right.

        rib, you are one jealous senile old fool,trying to take credit for someone elses actions lmao!.

        I hope he posts here (as long as he doesn't bash Cliffs to shut you up and set the record straight.

        PS And I told you our President Obama would win by a landslide and you said if he won you'd have them move you to a nursing home in Canada that you would leave this country. Have you moved? I doubt it.

    • Here's a post by miningstock that is far from bullish you senile old fool. What are you jealous of him getting it right lmao! I can easily dig up posts by you pumping Cliffs rib, you are nothing but a loser. BTW I bought back in yesterday :)

      Bloom Lake DELAYED A YEAR from originally stated!
      miningstockpicker by miningstockpicker . Aug 17, 2012 12:33 AM .

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      Laurie Brlas It kind of flows along like that. So this 7.2 million is Phase 1. And Joe ta...
      Laurie Brlas

      It kind of flows along like that. So this 7.2 million is Phase 1. And Joe talked about Phase 2, it's well underway in terms of construction. And it does create a bit of distraction for the people operating Phase 1 as this is happening. Phase 2 begins to come online mid-next year. Phase 2 will be 7.3 million when it's at full production. So you'll see some impact. Phase 1 will produce 7.2 million next year. You'll see some impact, another 3-or-so million tons at the beginning of Phase 2 next year. And then the following year, you'll get the full impact of both Phase 1 and 2.

      And I should most importantly iron ore is NOW about $85.00 A TONNE LESS THAN IT WAS WHEN CLIFFS BOUGHT BLOOM LAKE which has turned into a disaster for Cliffs as they OVER PAID for it by OVER 1 1/2 BILLION DOLLARS!

    • the last I remember was you calling me senile for what you are lauding miningstockpicker for, it is easy to go back and check his posts he was the most bullish on this board about CLF and calling all us naysayers names and senile what a turn around, waiting for that apology rocky, lol be a big man and apologize. Do you remember this guy Ohtaegun?? coming in here looking like he was bearish and calling for he CEOs hide did he go pschyoprehnic on us or what. BUSTED

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      • easy there rl. was a bull for a while. then I took some time after getting whacked to do a little research into carabbaa and the mining sector. all turned up real bad.
        since then i have played CLF predominantly from the short side, with occasional long bets on over sell's. (like yesterday)
        net net long term CLF will never regain it's once lofty heights and the mining sector looks very suspect. short term if there is going to be anything positive, management must go.

    • well thank you for finally admitting it rocky I said this was a sell two years ago at 92.5 and gave the reasons why, mining stock picker was late to the party and you gave me flack, glad to see you didn't die in the hurricane.

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      • Ok .you were right. Tell us now what the company needs to do to get on the right foot besides considering the firing of CEO and CFO Thats in the hands of the Board.
        Now that the price of IO is $155 and been climbing in this Q-1, shouldn't their earnings be spectacular for Q-1. Also divy cut to the bare bone would help preserve a lot of cash.
        rlbeard.. if you are so smart.. what do you think of Q-1 earnings be like and the stock price ? lets hear..please!!

    • I cannot believe that CLF not that long ago had a price target of $145.00.

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      • THAT was when the analysts were predicting $13 earnings for 2012 and I said they would be lucky to get $6 and caught hell but I said that they weren't beating 2010 except for the arbitration settlements on higher iron ore prices that costs had gotten out of control that earnings in reality were down for most of 2011. The analysts were very very wrong then and estimates began to fall shortly thereafter as did the price of the stock.

    • amen. and here we are, in the last hour and CLF still making new lows. shows the magnitude of the street's feelings for this company.

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