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  • donziclasic donziclasic Mar 1, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    Questions about clf

    If CLF were bought out...if. Who do you think would be the buyer and at what kind of price per share? Would the shareholders of CLF get shares of the new buyers stock, or how does that usually work. Just wondering. Thanks.

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    • IMO if that where to happen it would either be rio or bhp in mining then you have steel makers, I really don't see the company selling unless the price is 70 or higher which seems extreme at this point but a lot of insiders would lose on a buyout at a lesser price on options and would have to have some golden parachutes to make a deal. If it happens there will be a ton of happy people on this board, but I think it is a long shot at best and a ways out, rumors usually don't pan and buyouts just spring up with no previous indications in my experience it is rare to see a lot of hype and then see it happen. MT would be a possibility if they hadn't already signed a contract to a new supplier starting in 2015. I personally don't like real long shots too much gambling against bad odds and that comes from a professional gambler. there is a difference between being a gambler and a professional, the professional does not take those long shots unless the payout exceeds the risk.

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      • RIO is seeking to divest its Canadian iron ore assets, not add to them.

      • First thing for the Board to do is to fire Carrabba the CEO who has disclosed no turnaround startegy so far. You know RIO and BHP CEOs got fired or resigned under pressure. GROUPON CEO also got fired yesterday., and its only a matter of days when JCP CEO Johnson will get fired. So there are lots of firing going on and Carrabba should resign or get fired . Go to Google and type Cliff Nat Res BOD and then follow very simple instructions to send email to the BOD to get rid of Carrabba and give your reasons .. I dont think Buyout can go any higher than $50 in the current situaltion.

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