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  • american_chariot american_chariot Mar 4, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Best way to play CLF

    Unlike me, don't try and "call a bottom" and "go-all-in"; In fact, stock trading to really too easy if you do it right, albeit slow, but too so much in life, we make things harder than they ever need to be.

    One, determine at what point you want to average-in at $.50-increments down. When it gets to your low-low-low thresh-hold, such as say, $24.50, or maybe it is lower, instead of averaging-in at $1.00-down increments, up-your-ante to $.50-cent increments down. BTW, I didn't listen to my own advice, my cost average is above where it's trading now, and I'm "all-in", but I've played this game long enough to know how to play...the right way, I just didn't listen to Wisdom as I should have....

    I still have lessons to learn, or I would have taken my 1st half position last week, and waited for today's drop to nibble some more. But we're not beyond correction here...I'm sure not buying any more, now I'll seek to day-trade half my position where appropriate to get a better average, and if looks like we'll be "cliff-diving some more", I'll hold-out for more buying. Just learn from mistakes, NEVER enter your position "all-in, too soon", and it's one of the hardest lessons for me to learn in the Market.

    But rest assured, despite all the doom-and-gloom here, if you are smart and prudent, you are buying at least some today at $24.50, and you are saving powder for $24, $23.50, $23, $22.50, $22, $21.50, $21.00, $20.50 and $20; After $20, I would consider it a "dead-broken and untenable investment".


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