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  • ustaknow ustaknow Apr 15, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    cant own iron and coal when Democrast rule


    look at any steel / coal stock chart and you will see a sell off the entire time Democrats have been in charge.
    They are forcing coal plants to close all over the country.
    On the other hand you can buy pharma stocks because they will approve new drugs hand over fist.
    the other thing you can buy is renewables like REGI

    CLF, BTU WLT and so man others have value but it will not be realized until after democrats have lost
    sure you may get oversold technical rebounds that last for 2-5 day but then the downwaard trend begins again

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    • Drug stocks doing well because Obama wants the masses senses dulled so they will accept his inept administration / whereas before when coal, steel, and iron stocks were valued highly from producing things all that has changed with Obama we are dependent on Chinese goods and US government handouts. so sad.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • u think dubyuh should come back and save the country?

    • Thermal coal has suffered mostly because nat gas prices have been so low and utilities have been switching over, and only partially because regulations. Met coal (which is the kind CLF produces) is suffering because of low steel demand and increased supply. Iron ore prices have dropped because of lower steel demand in China (as seen in lower steel rebar prices) and because global supply of iron ore has increased. The big build period of Chinese growth is over. There is still growth, but not the 10-12% GDP growth in China when iron ore prices were soaring, and there is a whole lot of iron ore supply compared to what there was 2 years ago. In North America there is more supply coming online in the Great Lakes Region, which will put pressure on CLF's margins going forward. That is why CLF is getting hammered all the time (aside from some very poor management decisions). You can blame Democrats for all sorts of nonsense (and Repubs too), but the fact is that CLF's problems have nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans.

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      • Also, take a look at ALL mining stocks, and you'll see they mostly peaked in early 2011 and have been falling ever since. That coincides with the global slowdown from slowing growth in China, the crisis/downturn in Europe, and perhaps the end of a commodities "super cycle" that lasted a decade (interrupted only by the financial crisis of 08-09).

        If you're gonna own any mining or commodities-related stocks, you should know all of this, and make your bets according to where you think things are going.

    • Um, this stock and many coal stocks soared during 09 and 10, while democrats controlled the house, senate, and WH, and peaked shortly after republicans won back the house in 2010. These stocks also saw their highest peak ever in 2008, with democrats controlling both the house and senate.

      You are completely wrong about the FDA, too. You think democrats are the party of loose regulations? Heck, a lot of conservatives would probably like to do away with the FDA entirely and let the market figure out which drugs are no good.

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