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  • solle1999 solle1999 Jul 26, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Longs Only please

    I am long in the low 30's and have considered getting out in mid 20's but I can wait if need be does anyone believe the 30's return in a year plus ? If not why not ?

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    • Story must change significantly for it to rise above 30. Next 5 years will see a glut of IO, The ONLY way CLF will shoot to over 30 is when they start producing from Black Thor, which won't be until 2016 or later. IO industry is high volume low margin industry and CLF can't compete with the big three. It's quite obvious what they are doing, RIO, VALE, BHP are clearly crowding out the middle and small tiers that sprung up during the commodity boom the past decade. IO will become an oligopoly soon and there isn't much CLF can do to stop it. I am long CLF in the low 30's myself, and I would say that if you want to invest, lower your average and pray for some action on Black Thor

    • OK... What was said in other messages is true.
      Now.. for yourself.... you have to decide....: Are you an Investor or a Trader?
      You know the difference don't you?

    • I am now long at average of 18.73 for 4000 shares, my broker told me today, I should hold the shares, and sell it later, should be able to sell it at 23 or higher later, ... I think it will be worth more than 23 shortly.

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    • Seems to follow AUD and that follows China so I would guess that this thing might rally a little more before falling off a cliff.

      The China bubble is bursting and unless they up their quota for ghost towns, I would guess this stock goes lower.

      I have no position in the stock, but watch $22. I think that is the highest it will go.

    • Here's my advice as an old timer: buy stocks you believe in. And hold onto them. Dump them only if the story changes significantly.

      When MCD had the mad cow scare, I bought it at 13. Sold way too soon at 26. Now it's at close to triple digits and I'm kicking myself. Should have left myself some shares. I bought BAC, PNC and C during their darkest days and thankfully I still own a good chunk of my original investment. They're not going anywhere. I have investments that pay me close to 10% in dividends per year (AINV) and I've been collecting for many years. I owned AAPL at $25 and GOOG at $80... obviously sold them way too soon. Imagine the amount of money I could have amassed by holding what I believed were true bargains.

      Moral of the story... Buy companies that you believe are bargains for the wrong reasons, hold onto them and ride them for a long time. I believe CLF is one of these stories right now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Once upon a time, I bought AKS @ $5.00. I sold 4500 shares @ $7.00. After I sold, it ran to $80.00. You have heard this before, patience is virtue.

      We have broken $19.60. The next stop is $20.66. Thereafter, $24.00 is in play. IMHO, we'll get to $24.00 in short order. We should get to $30.00 by the end of Q3. Manufacturing is doing well in the U.S. Visit the auto dealers and retail estate brokers to reassure yourself.

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      • once upon a time I bought 45k shares of JMAR at $3 it would go up $4 and then back down over the 3 yrs I owned it so the next time it went to $4 I sold and it went to $17, now it is bankrupt. What does that have to do with CLF Nothing except things go up and down and only thing to be concerned about is fundamentals. By 2014 or later the chromite mine may be in production then this becomes a different animal, if they can hold on til then then this goes much higher IMO. On Chromite they don't have to compete with the larger IO companies that are more economical.

    • I am also long. But I think it is impossible to answer your question. It all depends on the iron ore price and Bloom Lake development. No one knows the future. Those who claim that they know the future and turn out to be correct are just lucky. At present, Clf looks good, because iron ore price is good. By the way, iron ore price is almost as volatile as Clf's share price.

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