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  • $21.94... topped at $22, last time it hit 22 it dropped below 20 within a few days... stock up 35% in 3 weeks. Not to say it can't go higher, but with market with not much more room to go, this could very easily be out of steam. Not to mention, 9% in one day on no news? thanks for the extra 9%, but im out!

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    • You should not to sell, run up is beginning.

    • i forgot to mention my average was $17.60

    • No news? LOLOL

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      • Awesome news, Its exactly what I was waiting for. Infrastructure Iron Ore Buying. Its jus a matter of time before it spreads througout the world. Lots of pent up demand, Project galore on hold since 2008 and now financing is starting to loosen up, The banks have tons of cash butas a business owner I know the new guidlines to borrow money and its insanity. Its a big reason people are building and growing cause the banks Reps n warrants these days are insane. What we are seeing though is private money come into the picture with Boiler Plate Reps n warrants and they are creatinbg competiton for the banks. That will get banks to loosen up more and before you know it when the money flows the projects get green lit and contrstruction takes off. IT WILL Happen. it will all happen in the next 12-24 months and you dont want to miss the ride. Watch when companies like CAT n Manitowac take off. We will all move together and cyclical industrials r the last to the party. The other secotrs have cr5anked while this and transport has jus sat n waited. Im telling you it is going to happen its jus a matter of time

      • China's news is not anything new. Does not have direct impact on CLF. They had good earnings a few days ago but then stock dropped 7%... don't think it can't happen again, already down 1% since i sold. good luck. I will get back in below $20.5

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