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  • stockanalyst2013 stockanalyst2013 Dec 22, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    otaegun quote of the week time!


    otaegun quote of the week time! Lets see how his view of CLF has changed as it went from $15 and gained over 50% to $24.

    “this one's a doozy. couldn't hold: $80, $60, $50, $40, $32, $25, $20, do you really think $15 is gonna hold” Posted on Jun 26th.

    “And the S&P is only up 600+ points??????
    To be down 85% when the market rallies 50% is amazing.

    Say what you want, price is truth and this is headed to BK.” posted Jun 26th.

    “dude, they are clowns. the s&p is at #$%$ 1,825 and this junk can't break and hold $25. price is truth.” posted on DEC 20TH

    “hello tool,
    well you're not only dumb, you lie or are real stupid.

    9/19 the s&p closed @ 1722. friday was 1818 up 92 pts. #$%$
    9/19 CLF closed @ $22.73 friday's was $24.21. up $1.48 ='s 6.1%

    now CLF is a 2.5 beta stock. whoops, what does that mean? means it trades 2.5X the s&p. so if the market is up 5%, CLF should be 12.5%+. massive underperformance you idiot.

    this is what i mean. freaking clueless posters. have you ever invested once? don't you know how to look at a stock? math?” Posted Dec 22.

    Cry on, Cry on. This is the type of kid that will spout gloom and doom on every pull back. He says the same thing when CLF is $15 that he says when it is $24... the actual performance doesn’t matter. Hater will be haters.

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