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  • trater98 trater98 Mar 22, 2000 11:52 AM Flag

    NEW CFO???

    How long could it take until the Fish gets a new CFO? When they do get a new CFO, could the price of the stock rise sharply?

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    • And that just goes to prove my point,
      the so called experts have difficulty
      stocks, so why should anyone beleive
      an indivual
      posting on a Yahoo chat brd
      have a better chance at it
      ? That makes no
      sence at all. At least I can
      contact the
      Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley's of
      world if I need to. They have a rep to
      or they lose business. Does the ghost have
      much at stake ? I don't think so.

    • In reveiwing several of yout posts,
      I notice
      that your not to adverse to
      pumping other stocks
      on this brd, while
      trying to knock the price down
      on RAZF.

      Now you may just be a professional
      working the brds, or maybe you have personal vendetta
      with RAZF. It's not important, but if your are a

      professional PR man, it would be wise to
      identify yourself
      as such.

    • Actually, most stocks are clearly still trading
      on fundamental valuations, but I guess you only
      invest in the Internet stocks from your

      Of course no one knows the exact future revenue and
      earnings numbers, but coming up with approximate ranges
      and then deciding what those numbers might be worth
      today is what stock investing is all about. It sounds
      to me like you are either purely trading on
      technicals or just gambling.

      Finally, I don't think
      you should "trust" me at all. What you should do is
      read my arguments, do your own research, and form your
      own opinions. You really should not trust Lehman or
      anyone else for a price target either. Use those reports
      as a source of facts only.

      People who follow
      my suggestions should do so only because they agree
      with the arguments after checking the facts I rely on,
      not because they trust me or any other Yahoo poster.

    • I know you are not specifically citing Lehman's
      as there are many firms out there with positive
      ratings on RAZF. However, I have access to an
      insitutional analyst rating service called Starmine, and the
      Lehman analyst has a very poor track record - one of the
      poorest around. Same with CSFB.

      It's not all
      negative, though. Cowen Securities' analyst in this sector
      is one of the top-performers, and gives RAZF a
      "buy." But, I wouldn't be touting either Lehman's or
      CSFB's research as a reason to buy, as they just don't
      do a very good job compared to the rest of the
      field. Another top-scorer is Morgan Stanley. Merrill and
      Goldman Sachs come out pretty much in the middle. FYI

    • you think or what your position is. Please go
      ahead and short more .... be my guest. We love

      What cheerleading? Unlike you, I'm never negative. And
      never mention price targets. No numbers for you.

      Ha Ha

    • like it is. Unbelievable. I almost bought it in the 70's but, I was afraid it would be dead for a while. Damn, I wish I could predict this market!

    • I'm in @ 34, 33 1/4, 32 1/8, 31 1/8, 29 3/8,

      28 1/2,27 5/8, 27, and 26 3/4.

      Now you
      know my postisions.

      It has been my experience
      in dealing with
      shorts, that they try to put
      their suggested
      target price on an issue to try to
      scare others
      into selling, so they can get covered.
      amazing how far off their suggested price is
      from the
      analists who do this for a living.
      Leman Brothers
      gives RAZF a target price of
      $60.00, while the
      qhost, who I don't know
      at all, and is just another
      person on chat brds
      gives it a price of $15-18.
      Hummm, now who
      should I base my investment
      desision on ? Wow what a tough choice.
      just can't decide...... I'll have to think
      this for a week or two..... NOT !

      To try to put
      an evaluation on an issue is
      very tricky. So many
      factors. Even the experts
      are hard pressed to come up
      with acuate stats,
      given the changing business
      enviroment we are in. Of all the stocks trading today, how
      are of them do you think are actually trading
      the old traditional valuations ? Not many.
      So what
      makes you think you can pinpoint a
      companie's future
      valuation anyway ? Do you
      have a crystal ball ? Do you
      know exactly what
      the furture has in store for RAZF
      ? Do you
      know the exact growth rate and
      projected revenue of the Euro market. If you do,
      share it with us. Better yet, why don't you
      CNBC and share your wisdom and knowlege with the
      world. Perhaps the experts
      can all retire, and let
      you do market evaluations for us all.

      BTW, I
      have not posted any price target. I
      don't do that.

    • All the stocks you list have a common trait -
      their future has great and uncertain potential. There
      is great potential leverage in their models, which
      may lead to truly explosive growth.

      stocks are being valued on models of fundamentals. The
      models are based on discounting back future numbers, not
      today's numbers. Companies like JDSU or QCOM have
      products with great margins. It costs these companies
      little to sell the "next" unit, and they can ramp up
      with little added skilled labor cost. Companies like
      ARBA and RNWK have largely uncertain but potentially
      huge opportunities for transactional and other
      revenues at very low cost. AMZN, while a weaker story, is
      premised on the idea that it ultimately will be the online
      shopping portal, earning fees from other merchants wanting
      access to its shopping infrastructure.

      Who knows
      which of these will pan out, we can see sales and
      earnings in the future that could support present
      valuations. For the reasons I have previously stated, the
      FISH's future is more defined and more limited. As it
      continues to come into focus, it and other econsultancies
      will experience further contraction in their market
      multiples, IMHO.

    • Just in case you may confuse others, I will
      respond. If you read my message, you will see that I am
      suggesting a target price for RAZF of $15-$18.

      this is not my average basis. If you say RAZF is going
      to $100, should I post "no wonder you are worried if
      you bought at $100!"

      As I have previously
      stated, my average price was above $36. Since then, I
      covered some at $27, locking in some profit. I also
      posted this at the time.

      Why don't you tell us
      all what price you bought at?

    • Many would argue that stocks like AMZN, JDSU,
      etc., trade at current levels because of their
      potential to grow their businesses large enough to justify
      their market caps. Their business models could accept
      that kind of growth, and people believe their

      I think ghost's point is that, even believing
      RAZF's story, RAZF's business model, as an
      e-consultancy, cannot experience the rapid, geometric growth
      that firms like BEAS can experience.

      Although I
      also would say that these things can take on a life of
      their own, and RAZF could turn into a trading buy at
      some point. I haven't seen the kind of rapid volume
      that usually indicates the market is screaming "it's
      time!" IMO

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