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  • PSUIVERSON PSUIVERSON Mar 31, 2000 6:21 PM Flag

    Remember Trading Places

    Well Monday will be the "OJ Flip" And I'm gonna be Dan Akyroyd...

    Have a good weekend LONGS...I for one am buying more on Monday 1st thing.

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    • <EOM>

    • I was trying to say that on Friday, I saw the big
      blocks go off at lower prices and made my decision to
      sell on Monday. When I was attacked for saying this I
      tried to explain that I don't care, I am selling the
      stock and moving on. I feel my points are valid and I
      have a good reason to sell. I am now out of the stock,
      I sold this morning at 28. I lost money, but that
      is part of life in the market. Unlike other people
      who make incredible profits on every stock, buying at
      the low and selling at the high, I trade in the real
      world and sometimes lose money. I liked RAZF, the
      technology looks great, the sector is growing fast, however
      this doesn't look like the time to fight the tape.
      Since I no longer own the stock I won't be posting on
      this board any longer. Everyone that is trying to pump
      the stock can continue making excuse and giving
      reasons why the stocks is going to 60 by next week while
      insiders and institutions are selling and the stock is
      going down.

    • his other alias handsomedivorced or his other alias robertseoul? Is today a "short holiday"?

      where have all the flowers gone?

    • Look at my posts and you will see that I have
      neither asked people to buy nor to sell. Unlike you.


    • Your earlier post 5451 on 4/1/00 were very
      compelling which made me rethink my current small position
      with RAZF. Unfortunately, your post 5451 4/1/00
      YESTERDAY mentioned you will SELL MONDAY and now your post
      to Silentkn mentioned YOU ARE OUT. Why is your
      current position inconsistent?

      Good luck to
      all longs

    • It is obvious you are losing money in this stock
      and can't face the fact that it is going down. You
      look to blame shorts, window dressing, and all other
      kinds of bullshit. You picked the wrong stock your
      losing money and you are a loser. Sorry, that is the
      simple truth. I have a right to sell the stock and share
      my opinion obviously other people are also selling
      or your precious stock wouldn't be going down. In a
      few weeks you will sell and go onto another stock
      which will than be the greatest in the world(you
      probably have a $5,ooo in your portfolio, all charged on
      you credit cards). I am sure you consistently lose in
      the market, betting on basketball, baseball, etc. It
      is always someone else's fault for your failures.
      You probably blame your mother or father for most of
      it. That is basic Psychology 101 that is easily
      derived from your postings on this message board. I am
      out of the stock and wish you luck working out your

    • You must be one stupid guy to come on this board
      and try to scare people.

      Good day to make two
      new IDs and post negative info. Slime.

      are you doing in this bad company (heh heh) anyway?
      Please sell. Sell and get into the hole that your
      alter-ego Debbie is digging. heh heh

    • I doubt an idiot that can't respond to a question
      has the money to buy 2,000 shares. You probly invest
      your lunch money that your mother gives you and bought
      30 shares or something. If you have the money. I
      will sell you my shares today at 28. Let me know. If
      you know so much why don't you answer the questions
      and get it out of the way, asshole....

    • -day.

      If you want others to help you, then
      you have to build your credibility first.
      Not that
      simple likes just created your new handle

      I also believe that you are just another hungry

      I don't think there are that many rookies left to
      be fooled.

      If you are another rookie, my
      advice is sell your shares ASAP to me.


    • Be afraid. Be very afraid!

      SELL! SELL!

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