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  • creekpathbuilder creekpathbuilder Jan 5, 2012 8:00 PM Flag

    Market Cap is a Mystery

    You are nuts - and perhaps ignorant as well?

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    • HeH! Look at YAHOO INSIDER
      TRANSACTION...WHY INSIDER/OFFICERS sold @ .50cent ....why??? I have no any position in this stock but you know just buy what you believe in just not pump up ... not any body were nut here.

    • Any comments today for IBIO man??? Still a buy to average up??? What is their cuurent products that will get approved from the FDA soon????? Who is ignorant??? I hope they will make with the monies they raised, announced today. Who knows??? They might need another one in the future because cost a lot of monies to run a research lab and take a long time for a vaccine or drug to be approved. Wonder why IBIO from $6 bucks to less than $1......forget about their market cap for now...need to have some good news from their vaccines or new drug discovery first, in order for the stock's price going up.

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      • Delaware don't be so cocky with your posts IBIO will run far greater then PLX on tac approval and it is "all" about MCap. In a few months IBIO could easily be worth 300M about 6/share. Yes trial data will be out in next week, human mab isolated also, "I don't know if you realize this but IBIO's president was the inventor of PLXs and Medicago's platforms. IBIO's platform is for sale/lic today. Musing "chief lic director of IBIO" did the J&J Crucell aquisition for 2.3B. Please do more DD before making arogant statements it shows youth. Stocks sometimes are pushed down far below their fair market value for other reason's that are not fair to retail investors, I believe that is what has happenned to IBIO just as it did with HGSI and DNDN before they both rocketed "remember street sweeper did a bash on both those companies before they took off as they did with IBIO". We will see IBIOs true value come to light over the next few months. This when you buy not after the news comes out!

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