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  • jarretthines jarretthines May 3, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    Let me just say, I got out at ....

    .... 7.40 pre approval because I couldnt handle the nerves. I went into TLON to ride their pre approval, but after seeing PLX get approval I moved back over. I lost out on a big TLON run today and have taken a small hit on PLX. Its of no concern. PLX is worth more than our wildest dreams. The biggest folly of PLX is that they dont know how to role out a press release. It is either cultural or they are too busy working out a buyout. IDK, but the reason I was in was for validation and that is what happened. Big money is hungry right now and PLX is sitting on a wholly unique platform. Yes IBIO is working on something similar, but what will it take for adoption? PLX may be down for a bit, but it is going to be huge. I think bigger than people realize and I think its going to happen sooner than people realize. Im back in and not leaving. Its validated. I should have to say say more. I cant believe stupid SA articles sway anyone. They are opinion pieces. Perhaps by people who are trying to turn the tide to their advantage. Who trades at actual price potential? Perhaps GE, but what about Amazon, Tesla, AMRN, etc. They trade much higher than price to earnings or estimated market. What PLX is worth is all the potential biosimilars they can replicate at a percentage discount of current sales. Are they only going to get 30% of the gaucher market? Would you pay 200K or 100K per year for treatment? Their impact will be much more than anticipated and their value again is many, many biosimilars that they can produce now cheaper, safer, easily obtain patents for and underut competition with their FDA approved platform. I cant help but feel retail investors are going to get screwed as the flea. I do think MMs manipulated this thing on approval day. Jeff was right when he said they would take it to 6 before announcing approval. Cant wait to see next institutional report. Who do you think was buying during uncertainty? Who do you think is buying now? PLX pop hasnt happened, but it will and there will be a buyout and it will be more than what you think.

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    • totally agree with you... i know this company from its begining- people don't understand how bright is the future after the FDA approval. even the coming months will show it

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      • I know. I follow your posts and deeply appreciate them. I wish I had the foresight of Jeff to put in a $6 buy order on tuesday and then just turned my computer off. Well, I didnt get as many shares as I wanted, but now its just sitting and waiting. This is not DSCO or Affy and some think. This is huge and I think the buyout will come sooner than later. We know PFE and TEVA are interested. We know GSK, BMS and AZ are hungry. Why hasnt PLX made news of the $50 million milestone payment? Are they just bad at rolling out the press releases or are they working something out with PFE right now?

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