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  • nuselrami nuselrami May 9, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

    this is unbelievable!

    price goes down when all prospect go up....

    time will tell if insiders knew something.

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    • Im just so disappointed with management. They could do more to counter these dirty tactics. The problem is I think they are complicit. As Jeff called it, they let it fall to just below 6 on the day of approval before announcing approval, so that their buddies could get in at low prices. Now they are holding 3 private conferences for their buddies to clue them in on the happenings while the pps continues to plummet. It makes me sick. I believe Plx has a game changing technology and I want to be in on it, but they obviously have no regard for all the retail investors who have supported them.

    • ???becouse market need correction- becouse Plx need retest last low ...

      signs sugessted will be o.k - Fda aproved - so buy this company -but near last low ...

      so great for accumulation !!!

      best regard's


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      • I, for one, have a real problem with the term “correction” or the concept of a stock “needing to retest the lows” because they have no logical basis whatsoever.

        Stocks go up because buyers are willing to pay more based on various things and go down because of the opposite. Are these buyers “incorrect” and the rest of the investing world needs to “correct” these people? It’s a stupid, sanitized term that basically means a stock is going down for no apparent reason that anyone can think of.

        Can anyone tell me why a stock “needs” to retest its lows? If that was the case, every stock would “need” to go down to its IPO price or lower just because it “needs” to retest its lows. Again, makes no sense whatsoever.

        People buy into this jibberish simply because the talking heads on TV, radio and print say so. Has anyone ever challenged any of these wags to explain why a stock “needs to correct” other than something that has to do with a lack of buying interest due many factors, including a company not using PR to promote themselves, their accomplishments and objectives going forward?

        Has anyone ever challenged these “pros” who pontificate the “need to retest lows” and ask why a stock “needs” to go back from whence it came?

        Really…. Stupid concepts and terminology that have no basis in reason.

      • Im not. Read Jurek's old posts. the guy is a half wit. Management does know something, they just dont see the need to share with retail investors. Three closed conferences for the suits. PLX management disgusts me.

      • I'm at one with jurek

        Keep calm and carry on

    • Rami, only keep an eye on the long run and ignore the bumps (unless you have some free funds, in which case you may want to make use of the opportunity).

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