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  • tryingtobeafan tryingtobeafan May 17, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    What's goin' on ??? (dialing my inner Marvin Gaye here)

    So I am long but with a real small position, b/c that's what I could afford, and slso long in time here ( abt 15 mos)....

    I know a little bioscience and something abt pharma.

    I bought this b/c of the technological novelty.

    Now abt 2 1/2 weeks since the approval of the Rx which should have at least validated the "plant makes human biologics model", we are down abt 20 % and sinking, might be touching $5.50 by COB today...

    so, right now my "relatively small position" is getting "absolutelY smaller"

    Can anyone, who's not a pumper and isn't a "short professional", give me any business reason not to cut my losses and go lick my wounds in a corner?

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    • I cannot guarantee anything and I am not a clairvoyant, but I am confident the real value will come through sooner or later, I cannot imagine any other outcome. I am holding tight to my position (it would take a very deep dive for my position to turn red).

      On a different topic, does your bioscience and pharma knowledge cover biologics patents? If it does, could you join the dicussion in the other thread? It pertains to something big in the pipeline - the Enbrel-compatible drug. Thanks in advance.

    • Im in a similar position as you, but believe that it has nothing to do with technology or platform. I am of the belief that it has to do with PR and communication. PLX has hired some external PR firm to do their work and I dont think they know/care to do anything.

      The last report shows something like 70% of the company being held by retail investors and news matters to this market. I am of the mind that behind the scenes things are happening. Sales, insurance negotiations, R&D, etc are probably all progressing. In addition, I think PLX is probably getting institutional accumulation. I think there will be a pop when info is released. I think that info should provide guidance as to the sales situation, other trials and milestone payments. When this starts coming out, positions will be held and pps will soar.

      However, until that point it makes me sick that we have to watch the pps deteriorate and think about the other companies we could have been in to grow during this period and have bought back into PLX when it goes sub 6. It makes me feel used, but I do think there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Nope, into the corner be yee.

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