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  • nuselrami nuselrami Jul 23, 2012 12:48 AM Flag

    new compensation for directors and officers

    I really don't understand this. The Company is not making any money, share price is stuck,the FDA approval came late over 1 year after the Company's estimates, the delay caused substential losses, directors and officers sold many shares during the last few years and brought home millions and now the Company's Board is approving more compensation for third party possible transactions? Why??
    Are these possible transactions attributed to these Director's and officers management skills? I doubt it! these transactions may only be attributed to shareholder's moneis that enabled big investments in the technology and the FDA approval. So why awardign more and more before shareholders get their return on their investments? I hope big shareholders will start to understand that something is wrong here! I feel that the board of this company forgot some of his duties and fiduciary duties...

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    • Nuselrami's comments abt PLX resonate w/ mine:
      I know enough not to question the general scientific concept.
      In fact that's why I bought a small position at the end of '10
      And I have been waiting for some thing very positive since then.
      Got so upset with management after the EU debacle that I sold abt 1/2 of my meager position abt a month ago and even w/overall stk mkt fluctuations, I am still ahead..
      I cannot directly validate Nuselrami's point abt the technology challenges.
      But if you factor a sense of potential technical challenges w/ the weel-known regulatory missteps (ie "managerial missteps", IMHO), it may not be too surprising that large pharma suitors haven't closed any deals w/PLX
      I am not yet prepared to exit completely but maybe the best any of us can hope for is that some large Pharma suitor sees value in the IP and takes us out of our misery...
      Hope I am merely seeing 1/2 empty glass but just trying to be realistic.

    • I am not holding any specific information about it but I can tell you that if you read the history you can note that for years the Company is trying to develope other drugs and creat partnerships and we don't see any progress. We can think that it is all confidential information but why should it be confidential? we don't hear about any tests concerning the new drugs and we don't get any updates on any partnerships. Take the long term partnership they have with Teva. It was published that certain cooperation stopped and other exsist but we dont hear anything. I am aware to the fact that it takes years to develope these things but many years passed...So i get the feeling that it is very difficult to implement this technology for other drugs and I also believe that it will take many millions to get there and the question is if this technology can indeed be implemented by a small company or maybe the only way to take this technology is by a big company if at all.I assume all the third party transactions that will take place are with big companies that may be willing to invest money to explore this technology. But the fact is that we don't see them comiong. Aviezer said they will come after FDA approval- i don't buy it because partnerships can be established with some conditions and millestones and we never recieved any information about that....maybe its about time- I am still waiting....

    • Nuselrami, can you elaborate at all on your statement that the technology has a long way to go and needs additional big investment?

    • Agree.

    • Most of it is future compensation triggered by milestones. While I hate all the shוt we have been fed, I like those milestones...

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