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  • ghostinthemachine81 ghostinthemachine81 Aug 8, 2013 3:01 AM Flag

    PLX worth over $2B if tech sold to COUNTRIES with socialized medicine, NOT BIG PHARMA

    Brazil - paying $270mm over 5 years (just for gaucher but let's pretend for a second it's for all drugs)

    Then PLX offers deals to other countries with universal health care / socialized medicine.

    Japan $270mm
    Canada $270mm
    United Kingdom $270mm
    France $270mm
    Germany $270mm
    Sweden $100mm
    Norway $100mm
    Iceland $100mm
    Denmark $100mm
    Finland $100mm
    Netherlands $100mm
    Switzerland $100mm
    New Zealand $100mm
    Italy $100mm
    Portugal $100mm
    Greece $100mm
    Spain $100mm
    South Korea $100mm
    Taiwan $100mm
    Austria $100mm
    Belgium $100mm

    From wikipedia:

    By 1941, New Zealand had created a near-universal health care system.[2] On July 5, 1948, the United Kingdom implemented its universal National Health Service. Universal health care was next introduced in the Nordic countries of Sweden (1955),[3] Iceland (1956),[4] Norway (1956),[5] Denmark (1961),[6] and Finland (1964).[7] Universal health insurance was then implemented in Japan (1961), Saskatchewan (1962) followed by the rest of Canada (1968–1972), and twice in Australia (1974 and 1984). Universal national health services were then introduced in the Southern European countries of Italy (1978), Portugal (1979), Greece (1983), and Spain (1986), followed by the Asian countries of South Korea (1989), Taiwan (1995), and Israel (1995). From the 1970s to 1990s, the Western European countries of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg expanded their social health insurance systems to provide universal or near-universal coverage, as did the Netherlands (1986 and 2006) and Switzerland (1996).

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