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  • mountainmansmith mountainmansmith May 22, 2014 8:21 AM Flag

    How about some results?

    More and more countries approving Elelyso. Now Australia. So is Pfizer selling any? How are sales in Israel? Revenues? What is the strategy? Seems like discussion of same new potential products for years. No new deals? No new partners? Stock price languishes during biggest biotech boom in history over past few years. Management gets richer. I have been long term holder and supporter. Such potential. Getting frustrated.

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    • This stock is moving below $3 in the short term I feel before it turns back around to $5 or beyond. The oral pill is the game changer. All the ducks are about to fall in a row by the end of this year. If it passes P2a, we might get immediate clearance from the FDA to administer it. Then all those people taking intravenous will switch to the oral big $$$. Even beyond that, it is $60,000 dollars cheaper than Shire's drug per average patient per year. The Obamacare bill might not be the best thing ever, but all new patients are gonna get put on this drug. This is a lifetime drug! Once you're on it, you're never getting off. I believe advertising costs from last quarter are related to 90 day new patient medication.

      This stock is a sleeper that just about to turn into a Buy.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I'm pretty sure they will be selling in Australia soon. It takes time for sales to come in.

    • Sales have been very disappointing. That is why this stock doesn't move much. Clearly if sales lag where its approved how can they be any better where it finally gets approval? Granted the more countries adds revenue but the street wants to see that revenue before rewarding it. Example, I can get approved to sell watermelons in 5 countries but unless I get help selling them from Wal-Mart I am still only one guy trying to get money on my own. The partnership/deals in these countries will be the big news. I hope they negotiate well.

    • Now Canada. Clearly the company has been working hard to get adult and pediatric approvals. The plant-based technology clearly works if FDA and other countries all approve. Pipeline is so interesting but moving slowly. I believe other pharma companies could be interested in licensing the technology if not outright buying the company. Seems like management is holding on trying to hit a home run. They have great exit packages so it is in their best interest to make the right decisions. As of yesterday's close, market cap only 356 million. Tough to sell at this point.

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