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  • cinemabyte cinemabyte Mar 16, 2012 1:10 PM Flag


    Caris & Co are going to realize how much it hurts when a 10 foot plow gets shoved up their rear ends on the 26th of March!

    Short sell analysts will be hung up to dry and tortured naked by gay gangters and then they'll be lynched and tared with feathers by their clients.

    CARIS & CO, It sure is NOT good to be you right now!! LOL!!

    You can manipulate LGF lower this week and maybe next, but consider losing a lot of clients with lawsuits on the 26th when the stock goes past 16 to 18 per share...


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    • I can't wait until their money is in my account

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      • 3 days in a row down in consolidation mode...

        Be the odds and the exceptional good news 7 days away from today, it will rise in the last hour and/or close positive today or Monday.

        Have you noticed average volume increased from about 600k daily to about 2 million daily? There's a lot of people taking profits that will most likely buy back in at higher prices next week. There''s also a lot of people that have held the stock for years dying to get out. Please exit now, because when it goes up next week, the NEW MONEY in the stock will HOLD for the duration.

        In with the new money and out with the old!!

      • May the odds be ever in our favor!

        ... and it definitely will.

        Cramer most likely will pump up this stock again like he did before, Lightning round or spotlight.

        Jim Cramer LOVES LGF stock and not only read all 3 books, but he's going to the movies next weekend with his 17 year old daughter.

        It was on the air remember??

    • are they seriously shorting LGF?? Where did you get this info? Link please

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      • Caris & Co is a sell side analyst that placed a sell rating on LGF stock a little over a month ago when it was below $10 per share. Yes they short it any chance they get. Corporations do not enjoy the manipulation sell side analysts produce.

        However, we at Lionsgate are very excited in regards to our movie next week, and anyone selling short most likely will regret their actions. We have placed an embargo on viewers of our film thus far. We want this movie to be a pleasant surprise to the world... and it definitely will. Viewers and critics alike are only allowed to state similarities to the book and if they liked it. That's it!

        People in pre-Panem, you will enjoy the movie as much as owning our stock. You just have to believe... and buy a ticket of course. :)

        Alan Smithie

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