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  • jetfighterx1 jetfighterx1 Dec 10, 2013 1:36 AM Flag

    village idiot here just checking in

    Don't have time to read all the posts today but what I don't understand is, why did you not listen to me when I suggested selling everything with a clear list of reasons why? That was when the stock was at 36.5 and before the public saw Catching Fire and I warned what would happen.

    All of you all blind leading the blind long didn't want to listen or hear the truth. You all drank the Kool-Aid and frighteningly from the one post I did read, you all still are.

    There are many problems and issues going on here but one of the top issues that triggered this beginning avalanche was that they spent over a year and a half hyping a movie that should have been brilliant, created an ever lasting franchise that already began. On this overly fluffed hype the stock ran to 37 and change. Meanwhile, behind the scenes they hired the worst director they could have possibly hired who then took a director with brilliant vision, heart, emotion and destroyed all of it. Set the entire franchise on the road to never land. Complete derailment. Now with so much invested on this hope, this same director is putting together Mocking Jay 1 and 2. And here's the real problem.

    With this director in charge of that now, the stock will be 3 dollars a share by the time Mocking Jay 2 comes out, if not lower. So you see the people begging to bring back Gary Ross are right because they understand the consequences of not doing so. That is only one of many problems going on here however and I've mentioned many of them but you all want to believe this is a great movie with long legs. With Gary Ross it would have, yes, with Francis Lawrence. no. As others have said, name an actor who made a movie with him that then had a successful career afterward. Talk about playing with fire Jennifer Lawrence.

    As for shareholders? Pigs get slaughtered as the saying goes, but what's worse is that a true Catholic who has studied both the new and old testament knows the truth of what is encrypted. Lionsgate chose evil.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • This is exactly why you are the "village idiot."

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      • Retiredarmyjoe it looks like you are the village idiot. I've lost a fortune on this stock thanks to believing all your lies!!!!!!!! Jetfiignterx was the ONLY one here who has been right all along but you army joey lead the sheep to slaughter and I see no reason how or why this will get any better. Can your oh so wise wisdom explain how? Lionsgate content is old news no one wants to see anymore. No one will care in a few years and no one cares about Twilight anymore for example. They have moved on. Same will be for Divergent, Hinger Games etc. these kids grow up and want something fresh. New generations will want something new than what the current youth want now. Adults want something else. Since you mislead all of us here, please explain your reasoning because all you did was call the one person on here who was right, "the village idiot." You look pretty stupid now. I have lost a fortune on this stock!!!!! I should have listened to Jetfighter all along!!!!!!!!

      • I'm on here for five minutes and immediately see retiredarmyoe calling me the village idiot again. I told you from 36.5 until now this stock would plunge and the only response you can come up with is to call me the village idiot. Brilliant. I hope you are truly rich and don't own too many shares of this stock or are expecting to retire off stock because in two to three years they will be at most 3 dollars a share if not, and more likely, bankrupt. But keep calling me the village idiot if it makes you feel better.

        I wonder what people like you do when the stock has an uptick and what your beliefs on the future of the stock and this company is. Oh yeah, you keep buying more on the way down. You must have loads of money to throw away. I made my fortune from 5 to 36's. That's what us village idiots like to do. Make big profits and not buy into lies, false hype and fluff that doesn't match up to reality and when you see the reality is trash and you've been suckered, you SELL and run for the hills because it tells you everything you need to know about a company.

        Just curious. You say you are a retired army comrade. Is this true? Have you ever been in battle? Have you ever flied an F-22 and been in near life or death situations? Had to shoot down the enemy? See what it's like to see an innocent little girl die in your arms because of senseless enemy combat? I doubt it? You couldn't even handle mach 2 in a Raptor even though it's designed not to feel the speed of sound. But you and others here talk big like you're really doing or have ever done anything special or meaningful for our country. I doubt it. You're too mean to fellow Americans. You're as many have said, a bully. You must work for LGF.

    • Did you use to date the director, is that the problem?

      Move on. You'll find someone else.

    • Lots of fear, not much substance. A price estimate of $3 a share is ridiculous.

      $24.50 is possible short term. If Divergent is less than impressive, then maybe $22. If Mockingjay does not inspire then possibly $20 per share.

      Lions Gate will easily profit $250 million from Catching Fire. The film is not a failure.

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      • I was scared earlier but after reading wiles.mitchel's post I feel much better and relaxed now. 20 per share is worst case scenario as bottom before we move back up but we may never ever get that low! Think positive! Here comes Divergent and Hercules and the actor who tragically died seems like Lionsgate is going to try and capitalize on by releasing his movie next month! GO LGF!!!!!!!

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