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  • rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood rinseandrepeat_formulahollywood Mar 18, 2014 9:07 AM Flag

    We all know the agenda

    I don't buy the critics bashing of Divergent. I've seen it and I love it. Why do they think they are somehow the epitome of the universe and global population of 7 billion? Yes, let us turn to the God's known as the movie critic. Just so you all know, these losers also have worked as story analysts and story readers for major studios who have given the kibosh on scripts that needed up becoming huge films. Why you ask? How did they become huge films after the so called expert story reader / analyst gave it a no go for the studio or producer they are working for? Ummm, because they are stupid? Don't have a clue nor are connected with what the global population wants to see? Yet somehow they are given this false hope of trust as being like the Yoda of knowing all about scripts and film. The same goes with movie critics, they are somehow given some special power. Why? Because they know film? WRONG! The audience will prove that the critics are idiots and Divergent will set a new standard in how studios decide to make films, not from a story analyst or development executive AND this will forever change the way audiences listen to or trust movie critics.

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